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Movie Week Mag Scans Ft 2AM+2PM (One Day)

Pictures credit: Bestiz; Wonsuah♥; Movie Week Mag; Soompi

I know I’ve been neglecting my other fandoms for One Day lately, but I can’t help it ;___; These boys are just so precious!! ♥ And how rare is it to get pictures of all of them together?!!?! DO YOU FEEL THE LOVE?! Cuz I can see it oozing everywhere XDD *drowns in it*

I’m laughing so hard at Jinwoon picking Jay’s nose! ROFLMAO! And look at Taec and Seulong being BIG DORKS with their cute bowties on <3. Junsu is just standing there with a smirk on his face thinking “I’m way too cool for these guys” hahahaha. I love it!

More lovely pictures under the cut! And a rough translation of the magazine interview. Jokwon talks soooooooo much hahahaha. Half their answers were totally off track cuz they all went off on a different tangent and talked about random stuff :DD

I can’t find 2AM’s solo shots. :(


Translation credits to: glfishy24 @ soompi

There has never been an idol like this in the world.
They proclaim her lips are delicious in “10 out of 10”
They portray their soul in “This Song”.
From the beginning, 2AM and 2PM let out an impossibly controlled energy
This playful(?) talent has worn off and now they are back as sophisticated men that have suffered from love
If one man hurts, then 11 men hurt all together. These lasting brothers do not wait until 2 pm and are now changing the korean pop culture
We met 2 am and 2 pm who look the best when they are always stuck together like siamese twins that share a heart.
For this reason, this interview is titled “2AM + 2PM =ONEDAY”

<From Young boys to Men>

* I heard this is the first time doing an interview all together
JoKwon: Yeah, this is really the first time. Where we are all together
Jaebum: Good, I know why it is the first time.
Taecyeon: Because if we already did it once, we wouldn’t do it again (laughs)

* What a shame.., Then this is going to be the first and last interview where you guys are all together? (laughs)
Jaebum: Probably…, If the rumor spreads
SeulOng: It was hard, huh?

* No, it’s fun
SeulOng: We’re having fun too

* Both 2AM, 2PM have released single albums, were there any burdens while preparing these albums?
JoKwon: Both groups changed images. Of course, the same with our music
We’re trying to change extrovertly. It was more of a confidence booster instead of a burden. All 11 of us are weight training a lot.
Jaebum hyung and our SeulOng too.. their abs (laugh)

* Abs really were a hot topic. During the 1st album, both groups had “(not sure of this word, but guessing)a very playful” image, then the 2nd album has a very manly appearance.
JoKwon: Maturing from a young boy to a man.
JinWoon: Now, JoKwon Jaebum are in the leaderline.
ChangMin: Truthfully, them two can just do the interview.

* We arranged the interview concept as “chattering”.
JoKwon: Really? You won’t be able to see the end of this [interview] (laughs)
JunSu: We have lines. Leader Line, Magnae (Youngest) line.
TaecYeon: We only know those two lines (laughs)
JoKwon: Okay, let’s stop with the useless talk. Focus on the interview.
SeulOng: How does it feel to interview with us?

* This is just the beginning, so I’m not really sure (Laughs)
Junho: Big Pie tastes good.
ChanSung: Ok Daeri!
JoKwon: It really does seem like Ok Dae Ri (Taec’s nicname)
ChanSung: Today’s concept is Kid’s day, taking your son out.
TaecYeon: Our ChanSung is a Trot singer.
JoKwon: Marine Boy!
Junho: Our small talks really aren’t stopping
ChangMin: You’re probably not going to have an interview to write up later
JunSu: Yeah, lots of previous reporters that interview us always worry about how they’re going to write the interview
SeulOng: There’s a good idea. Just record us and put a CD in the magazine (laugh)

* On MBC Music Core, 2AM and 2PM’s joint stage was a hot topic.
JoKwon: There’s an episode about that, it was recorded in advance.
When we were recording, each team did their own thing, we sang the song and jaebum and junsu hyung rapped seperately.
so when music core aired, it showed the pre-recorded clip, so we changed up the stage and sang for the fans at music core.
Only the people there could see, it was great fan service. it was fun

* Did you guys practice seperately for that or was it improvised?
JoKwon: Jaebum hyung took my part
JunSu: I took Jinwoon’s part
TaecYeon: I took ChangMin hyung’s

* I want to see it.
JoKwon: I thought a fancam would come up, but none did.
TaecYeon: It did! but only Wooyoung’s version
Jaebum: if the full version came out, it would have been pretty fun.

* When you guys practice, is there ever a time where you guys switch parts?
Jaebum: We sing 2AM’s song a lot.
JoKwon: Jaebum hyung sings “This Song” a lot.
ChanSung: I sing it a lot too.
Jaebum: The song is so good I sing it a lot.

* If you guys complimented each other about the single album, how would it be?
JinWoon: First off, if you listen to 2PM hyungs’ album, starting from the ‘intro’, theres a very strong and addicting melody. you don’t get tired of it so people have no choice but to like it.
SeulOng: Wow, of course, it’s our JinWoon! Our magnae does well.
JoKwon: See? Our Magnae speaks very well.
TaecYeon: Well, Our Magnae stutters a lot (laugh)
Jaebum: So, Our Magnae should think now.
Chansung: Why do you make me do things I haven’t thought about? I feel pressured. (concentration)
When you listen to “A Friend’s Confession” it’s really good. The lyrics really reach out.
Junho: All lyrics reach out!
Jaebum: “A Friend’s Confession” is a very manly ballad. I think it’s very cool. And they all wear leather.
TaecYeon: He says to talk about the album, but you’re talking about the clothes.
Jaebum: Personally, I like the song ‘Lost’
SeulOng: He’s saying he doesn’t like “A Friend’s Confession”
Jaebum: My mood gets a lot brighter. The song. I really like ‘Lost’/
JoKwon: Ah, just finish it off by saying 2AM ‘makes you feel better when listening to their ballad’

* So in result, you’re saying the 2 albums completion standard is very high and good?
JoKwon: Yes, you’re right. Very cool! (laugh)

* (suddenly an awkward pause) Ah, this situation.. makes me want to go home for some reason (laugh)
ChangMin: Really? Me too. Want to go home together? (laugh)
Junho: But you guys really do look alike
Jaebum: Jaebum hyung and Jokwon really look alike right?

* Yes, now that I look at them, they do look alike.
ChangMin: But really, we chatter too much (laugh)
JoKwon: You gave us too much freedom (laugh)

* Anyways, ive wondered about both teams if it was harder to express yourself in the 2nd album compared to the 1st album. What kind of heart do you guys have when singing?
TaecYeon: When we record, Jin Young hyung explains the song to us in detail. He says we have to act and says to us “You have to think that you are really in this situation, then what kind of expression will come out? If it was me, i’ll express myself like..” and sings it for us.
Junho: Even in the recording studio, outside he yells “Taecyeon! thats not the right way to express yourself! You can’t do it like that!”

* Amongst the members, has anybody really kept going back to the girl they couldn’t forget about?
Taecyeon: (pointing at Junsu) That guy.
Junsu: What?
Taecyeon: You have experienced something like ‘Again and Again’, Junsu, please concentrate.
Junsu: A long time ago, i experienced something like that. When I was young.
Junho: Junsu hyung was the only one who had this experience.
Jaebum: When we got hurt, we just said “Oh really? fine” and turned around…
Junho: Junsu hyung just liked that girl so much. Everybody can’t say they’re like jaebum hyung.. but truthfully.. it’s true (laugh)
Jaebum: everybody’s basically the same.
Chansung: A bit “So cool”?
Junsu: I only did it that one time. But when I heard the lyrics to this song, I thought “This is my story”.

* How about 2AM members?
Jinwoon: Now, SeulOng hyung. answer.
SeulOng: I had this experience when i was in 9th grade, but it just ended up as a crush.
JinWoon: All our members memorized this story.
Taecyeon: Hyung, is that the popularity group thing?
SeulOng: Ugh, really!!!
Taecyeon: What? You said you were among that popular group! (Everybody laughs)
Jaebum: (To Jokwon who is next to him) What’s that? (it was in korean)
Jokwon: (To his ear) At school, the popular 4 people…
Taecyeon: IT’s F4, F4! (Laugh)

We ride in one train, but the only difference is the path we take
Even if we’re not in the same place, our hears are one
if one person hurts, all 11 hurts. eternal brothers fight in wars
in this fight, we’re on the same side feel our ENERGY
because we only have 12 hours in between us ONE DAY

<The strongest in reality>

* Through M.Net’s Hot blood, you guys could show us how you trained to debut. i think it did a lot of help to you guys.
Jaebum: At that time, we all learned acrobatics. excluding changmin hyung, we thought of if as one group and practiced. we did showcases together and filmed hot blood, due to hoot blood, we were split up into the specific groups.
JoKwon: We didn’t know what and when things were going to happen. we didn’t know who “10 out of 10” would go to since we were trainees


  1. I’m reading off phone so the pics are kinda blur :(
    lol the interview’s sooo messy! They keep talking and rambling and butting into each other XDD
    I feel like seeing SuJu ver.2 XP

    • LOL yeaaaaaa. I hope they do variety shows together. All that chaos XD


    will read later!

    • [JunSu: Yeah, lots of previous reporters that interview us always worry about how they’re going to write the interview
      SeulOng: There’s a good idea. Just record us and put a CD in the magazine (laugh)]

      Oh god. We interviewed this one guy and he kept straying out of topic and we got all adkfjasdklf because we didn’t know how to write the interview LOL. But Seulong’s idea is interesting! XDD

      [Jaebum: “A Friend’s Confession” is a very manly ballad. I think it’s very cool. And they all wear leather.]

      Uh. So what if they wear leather? XDDD

      These guys are a pain to interview XDD LULZ

      • ROFL I bet the interviewer is having a blast. I would if I was interviewing them. I wouldn’t get much done but damn the crack would be at epic level. XD

  3. LOL wtf Jaebum Jokwon only look liek each other because of their hair ;\ jaebum is a hundred times more man than Jokwon.. Jokwon iss.. different o.o *vcough* geyy *cough*

    • Lol. Yea they don’t really look THAT alike in my books. Probs the hair, the height and the abs. Both are pretty faily too and are full of crack. But um one’s a tad too feminine and the other one is just fail (yes I’m talking to you Jaebeom! XP) haha.

  4. LOL they always cut each other off XDDD
    and jay does look like kwon. ive noticed too! aha
    aw i love ONEDAY..they are so cute together~
    thanks so much for sharing this! :D <3

    • Hmm I think they only look a bit alike. But ONE DAY FTW <33333

  5. WOAHH!! *crossed-eyes at the interviews*
    but they’re funny!!

    • They’re awesome,aren’t they? I love these boys <3

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