Posted by: lovediaries | June 9, 2009

Inside SHINee’s Dorm


{credit: bestiz}

I love their bedroom, omg. And all their pictures and awards are so cute, and make me so happy :D. Their shelf of manga makes me lol so hard lmao. So precious ♥♥. And their shoes! How the hell do they keep their dorm so clean!?

No idea if this is gonna be on a show or if there’s an interview with this :/.


  1. OMG. I love the puppet on Key’s bedpost! It’s so like him to have that :D I agree that their magna bookshelf is utterly adorable. But they look so awkward and posed in these pics. It would have been better if the shot were more natural.

    • YES LMAO Like Minho taking food from the fridge XDDD.

  2. everything’s so adorableee XD
    the beds are soo cute arranged like that
    and everything’s so neatt
    even their shoes ! lol
    oh and HAHA is it just me or does that board of photos above the manga shelf have A WHOLE BUNCH OF TAEMIN PHOTOS (with his bowlcut ;p)? lol i only see a few photos of the other boys XD

    still, i’d really like to see them and their dormitory on a show =D

    • I know :3. Dubu’s bed looks big enough for two people. I’m so joining him rofl.

      Yeah maybe a fan made that and she (or he?) is bowlcut!Taemin biased XD.

      Oh, did you ever watch Yunhanam? One ep was filmed in their dorm :D. The one where Jisun noona visited T___T.

      • HAHAHAHA i’d so like to join them in their beds too =D lmao. but seriously, it looks so cute XD

        LOL the bowlcut was cute on him but his hair now is uber hot ;)

        YES, i’ve seen that yunhanam show with that noona..being creepy in their dorm D: LOL
        *please show another ep like that again – but maybe without the crazy noona xp*

        • Yes I was a bit D; at the colour before but alsjfjd unf unf xDDD.

  3. I’M NOT CREEPY. I just love SHINee :]

    I would love to have that picture (bunch of pictures?) above all their manga books. I would stare pathetically at it ]:

    Even their dorm is adorable wtf?

    • SUUUURE you’re not creepy :P.

      Maybe cause it’s SHINee’s, so it’s adorable ?

      • I’m not :[

        SHINee like hurts me with the adoralbe. :|

        • They kill me with their adorable xD.

  4. I am a creepy noona.
    And I want to send them a magnet for their fridge D:

    • LOL! I wonder what’s on their fridge anyway :/.

      • take-out menus? lol. they could take ME out.

        • ROFLMAO. That reminds me of that check out counter girl pick up line. Whatever that is xD.

  5. PINK is totally Diva’s color! I thought he’d be one to post pictures on his wall :) He’s such an adorable girl~

    I actually like looking at people’s rooms so I could get ideas on how better to decorate mine. I am SOOO jealous of their manga shelf! I have a few mangas but I has no room for shelves :\ I’m guessing there’s a big frame with a bunch of Taemin’s pics because… he’s the baby and Key-umma, like any other umma, will always be proud to show off his baby to the poor soul who happens to stumble in that room XD


    I’m surprised they haven’t upgraded to a Mac. I noticed most celebrities I’ve seen the stuff of use Macs… O:

    They’re pretty neat for teenage boys. Maybe Key nags them into cleaning every single minute XD

    • I think it’s so cute, having the polaroids hanging on a string ;~;.

      Yeah I’m sure Key does all the nagging (unless they get a cleaner?). But srsly, how do they find the time to clean their dorm O.o

      • I really want polaroids but it’s pretty expensive so I’m stuck with the normal boring pictures on photo paper which are too big to hang on strings :\

        They probably have a housekeeper like SuJu does. I guess since they’re always out, there’s not much mess done to the place?

        • I want them too but yeah, they’re expensive. And you only get one copy so that’s sorta sad? Idk.

  6. lol I’m such a creepy nuna D:

    BUT OMG THEY HAVE SLAM DUNK AND ONE PIECE. They need to rent Slam Dunk out for me :D

    Their rooms are so clean though~ my room’s a black hole lol.

    • I don’t read manga so I’ve never heard of one piece XD.

      BLACK HOLE LOL. My room is neat, sort of, but I have so much stuff everywhere that it looks really cramped T__T.

  7. lol isn’t this the same bedroom as the one in their yunhanam show? xD We got to see their bedroom during Jisun Noona’s ep xDD

    • Lol yeah I know, but it’s nice having pictures – and maybe we’ll get another look on another show (hopefully).

  8. wow. it’s so neat and squeaky clean and organized, i’m so ashamed of my room O:

    • me too, bb, me too T__T

  9. how come it’s so neat!?
    i guess they cleaned it much since the press is coming.

    (remembers, FT Island’s PKL outing where they cleaned the room ahead of time but they didn’t know the crew went there while the place was still effin’ messy. :D )

    yeah, onew’s bed is pretty spacey.
    and it’s yellow! hahaha
    can i like snuggle with him every night and get surrounded by shinee boys. ^_________________^
    *shoots herself*

    • ihni :/. I wish my house was that tidy.

      Lool but I’m already snuggling with him, not sure if you’d have any room left after I occupy it haha!

      • i’m gonna do everything to squish myself between you two. hahaha
        or maybe i’ll just throw myself above onew. you can take his side, imma lay on top of him.
        such a PERVY FAN!!


  10. So cute! And so… so… tidy and clean! Like really! I want to believe they speially cleand XD I refuse to believe it’s always like that!

    lol at the manga shelves XD Naruto, One Piece & Slam Dunk – they’re really (still) just cute boys afterall ^^

    And God, that fridge is just HUGE O.o

    Somehow seeing the pic with Jonghyun and Kay doing something on the computer made me happy ^^’ I must be really creepy…

    • If that fridge constantly had food in it, I don’t get why they’re so skinny XD. But then, they’re probably not at home all the time to eat it haha.

  11. can you tell me who owns every bed there? haha.. i’m just curious…

    • Assuming they still sleep in the same formation as they did while filming Yunhanam, Onew sleeps on the yellow bed in the middle. Key is on the one with the pink blanket and Minho sleeps under him. Jonghyun is on the other top bunk with Taemin under him :).

  12. seeing this made me feel so happy that i feel like a total creep now :(
    but me and jong hyun have the same ipod! (..along with 50 million other people in the world..)
    i am positive this means something

    • Haha me too! Like there’s a recent pic of them where they were wearing chucks and I was like OMG I HAVE THE SAME PAIR AS JONGHYUN :DDD

  13. WOW, clean, too clean XD. I refuse to believe that they live in a constant state like this. But lol, that’s just me.

    I am no noona….only older than taemin and lol let’s just say I’m not attracted to younger guys. I’d wish they were older but that’s about as far as my contemplation goes regarding taemin. XD

    but I am creeppppyyy, jk, jk….*sweats*

    • Oh you’re so young then~ But haha being a noona is sorta fun ;). If you’re creep like me LOOL.

  14. you guys have turned me into a creepy noona O_O
    thank you for making me a shinee fan XD


  15. AHHHHH~!!!!!!
    ONEW!!! you look adorable~~~ i luv you…

    and i just love how cute their dorms are. and the lighting makes me feel so warm … (lol, that sounds weird, but i really do luv thier dorms)

    • I love their dorms too. Actually of all the idol dorms I’ve seen, they always make me feel warm and fuzzy :3

  16. I’m sad, because I generate more mess and clutter than all five of them. Thanks for the clarification on their beds. I used to sleep on the top bunk and nearly fell off once, and now I find myself wondering if that ever happens to Key or JH…

    Oh and this is late but hope you had a great birthday ^^

    • LMAO dw maybe girls are just messier in general? :/

      And bb, thank you ♥!

  17. so they still sleep in one bedroom then? I thought they have separate room already.
    the milk Minho holding is the one in SNSD cf lol SMloveee XD
    and since I sleep with lights off, if I had bedpost doll like Key I’d totally freak out at the middle of the night seeing it XP

    • I think it’s cute that they all still sleep in the same room. DBSK used to but not anymore which is so sad xDD

  18. it’s been said a million times but needs to be said once again. their dorm is way too neat. XD

    and there soooo aren’t enough pictures! we want to see more of shinee’s dorm ;D

    those beds look perfect for cuddling… i wonder is by accident onew rolls onto the other members in the middle of the night… ooh i’m such a pervy fan XD

  19. Haha I still know which bed belongs to whom. Top bunks are Jongkey’s Middle is Onew, bottom two are Minho and Taemin’s

  20. its too clean to be a boys dorm..haha…too clean…

    im an artist..(ART-ist)…so my room is like the inside of a garbage truck…and its hard to keep clean cause I bring home stuff everyday…

    so maybe they’re not home all the time so nothing can really be messed up…mostly only their room…the table that they put their medals what what…its kinda a mess…its not really clean so…

    and they would have a cleaner..they are boys…sm must have ask a cleaner to come…and its not really a candid shot so…they must have cleaned up abit…the reality show also is scripted..they cant shoot in a dirty house…so…yeah…

  21. Woah, is that really their dorm? I’m a noob when it comes to shinee since I haven’t gotten around to knowing them, acquiring shinee-fangirl information (cuz I really don’t know where to look XD I mean, I want a site that’s purely shinee, their news, tidbits and facts, downloads and such…is their such a site? Where do you go for info?) that is…I’m confused about this whole dorm thing, though it’s pretty convenient, why are they nestled up in a dorm? It’s obvious that the agency provided it but are they really required? I haven’t heard agencies providing dorms for their talents in the Japanese industry (where I came from, I’m mostly in the Jpop waters) so this comes as a surprise from me, I even saw vids of BigBang sharing a dorm/house…As I’m not familiar, which bed is which? XD and also, who’s a manga addict among them? :D thank you for sharing though! ♥

    • Ah, it’s okay that you’re a new fan, but apparently they no longer room together :(. There was never official news but a few of my korean friends told me that Jonghyun and Minho are in one room and the other three might be in another. Before, Onew was in the middle, Jonghyun and Taemin on one bunk (Jonghyun on top) and Key and Minho were on the other bunk (Key on top)!

      • Woah! XD that’s so cute! XD Onew is the center of distraction XDD thank you for sharing! ♥

  22. Typical Minho (: getting banana milk from the fridge. And I hope Jonghyun and Key don’t fall off their beds! Especially Key!!!

  23. i wanna guess who’s bed is who lmao

    pink bed sheets is Key,
    Blue is Jonghyun i think since they r inseparable
    Yellow is Onew
    then Min Ho for the bottom… above will be Taemin :D

    lol this is just a wild guess.. idk if i’m right lmao

    • Pink is Key… Blue is Minho… Yellow is Onew… Taemin at the bottom, to the left by Onew’s…. Then Jonghyun at the top… You can see it in Yunhanam… :P

  24. yahh~~ minho oppa has BANANA MILK!
    i am suddenly finding dairy products incredibly smexy :D

    god, i want that room so bad!!

  25. SOO CUTE!!
    Thank God that Onew’s sleep is a regular single… or else knowing him, he would so fall off the top bunk :D

  26. Where do they live exactly?

  27. Yeaaah, where are they living? I’m visiting Korea soon so i thought that I can go somewhere near and bump into them (HOPEFULLY)! :D

  28. yaaay. I love their place :)) can i live there oppas? omo1 *shy
    LOL haha that manga shelf there caught my attention. Happy to know that my SHINee oppas were otakus too like me :)) rawr! saranghae <3

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