Posted by: lovediaries | June 10, 2009

090609 SHINee @ Tablo’s Dreaming Radio


Jonghyun Solo “You’re My Lady” – LOLOLOL I’m so slack, I was full cracking up at the start when Jonghyun’s headphones weren’t working and he quickly had to switch. Idk, studying makes me even more easily amused xD. Such a pretty ballad *O* (the chorus is so high, omg – Jonghyun had to take a drink of water after haha. Cute~). The boys have such good taste in music, lol~. I hope someone rips the audio hehe. D’aww at the boys clapping after he finished (though, Minho looked sorta bored and glad it was over LMAO).

I wonder if OnHyun will ever perform “Please Don’t Go” :3. I really want a live of that song.

“Talk To You” – Their performance of “Talk To You” is the longest one they’ve done, I think. Actually, I think it’s the full song haha. Omg, I love it. Why couldn’t this be their Comeback single instead!? Onew’s lines are my favourite. I know, I know, I’m like eternally biased towards him but his voice is just so soothing :Q___; even when being all sexy and stuff^^. Talk to my bod~ay. Lol, I’d do more than that if I could.



    • They need to stop so I can get a break ;__;

      • that’s the complete reason. :[
        you’re doing your school stuffs right?

        • Trying to, at least ;__;.


          • been out of school since like thursday. :] but i’ve got like two summer assignments that i have yet to start. :[

            Good luck to you though! :)

            • Way to ruin a summer xD. Haha thank you, good luck to you too :)

    • Juliette was like out of sych or something idk but it was weird. They still sounded good :]

      Talk To You need to be fully performed with like choreography and everything like RIGHT NOW.

      Jonghyun is amazing *_*

      there. an actually comment :)

      • I’m listening to “Talk to you” while replying comments – see, I’m so efficient.

        Juliette is no fun without a performance lol so I don’t watch their Radio performances ;/.

        But whyyyyy was “Talk to you” not their single ;____;

        • Multitasking is not something I could do. x]

          It was weird without them dancing :[

          Because Jonghyun didn’t write the lyrics to that one? Maybe. idk. :[

          • I’m really good at fandom-multitasking. Like, I can have a gazillion tabs opened, uploading pics, youtubing, posting, commenting all at the same time.

            For some reason, I just can’t seem to read and absorb study notes :/.

            I guess :(. But, argh, still ;__;. I hope they fully promote OnHyun duet, just to make it up :).

  2. You are totally getting my offline msgs aren’t you? But you’re ignoring me .___. It’s ok. I will crawl back into that hole I came from D:

    • wtf no, I told you I wasn’t going on msn >:(.

      Except I just did, to see what you said to me. I haven’t seen the performance, but yeah, every song on their mini album > Juliette.

  3. Talk To You has really nice vibe and suave, we need them to perform this song in FULL VERSION, not just one minute long ;~;

    Onew @02.02 *swooooooon*

    • Haha Onew @ throughout whole vid *swooon* :PP.

      And yeah, it does have a really nice vibe, I love the song!

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