Posted by: lovediaries | June 10, 2009

“Sparkling Korea” Tourism CF

LMAO there are like 50 billion Victoria Song’s in this CF (at least, I think it’s her).

{credit: DBSKnightsblog4 @ youtube}

The audio isn’t working, is it just me? A sign I should go study.

In case you can’t see, DBSK are the hairstylists in this CF and Suju are in the club dancing with her later on haha. So cute~ Hope there’s a longer version or at least another version :/.

I WANNA GO TO KOREA NOW (well, even more so now).


  1. for some reason, i haven’t seen a version of this cf with audio yet.. :[

    • Oh so it’s not just me? Okay, that’s good then :D.

  2. The first time I watched this, I completely did not notice DBSK xD.

    • NEITHER LMAO. I saw Siwon and didn’t even notice anyone else until second time watching xD.

  3. take me to korea too. D:

  4. Haven’t seen but dl’ed already. will watch as soon as… uh. I better not say here. o.o

    • lmao bb, you are so suss.

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