Posted by: beckery | June 10, 2009

8Eight – Goodbye My Love MV Teasers

Ok, my so called “official hiatus” just totally got flushed down the toilet  because I’m taking too much frusemide. DIE EXAMS DIE. I blame Jinwoon and 2AM and 2PM and Suju and fandom and everyone else except myself :D I also blame PAS for giving me permission to post. You should have said “No, I forbid you to!” instead of “it’s ok, you’re on your break” T_T But there will be a 2 week delay in comment replies, so don’t think I’m ignoring you guys <33 I rant alot don’t I? Lol, it’s the only thing that keeps me sane. By talking bollocks XD

ANYWAYS, the new teasers for 8Eight’s new MV are released and features Jinwoon (2AM) and Kim So Eun (BOF).

1st teaser – Jinwoon AFJOIWRUIWOURW HE IS SO CUTE AND ADORABLE *GLOMPS GLOMPS* YOU MAKE THIS NOONA HAPPY BB, VERY HAPPY. I’d be happier if you were saying it to me though .__________.

2nd teaser – Jinwoon I seriously got goosebumps watching this. Why is it so visual? And why did they have to do that to my bb? And he even said “I love you” and smiled at the end. THAT’S SO SAD!!! DDDD;

3rd teaser – So Eun She’s so prettyyyyyy and cute and she even makes crying look good *jealous*.

Conclusion? I WANT THE MV TO BE RELEASED NOW!! Oh and the song sounds really good so far. Very typical 8Eight style XDD


  1. Bec. You and I. Both. Need to find a hole AND DIE IN IT.

    I watched the 2nd teaser yesterday and was all DDDDDDDD; omgggaaaaaahh. So sad. But then, his smile was sorta creepy. It’s like YOU JUST GOT HIT AND YOU’RE STILL TRYING TO CONFESS. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ;__;.

    Damn you.

    • Oh bb, didn’t I tell you? I decided to jump off a cliff instead of die in a hole. Life is wonderful, don’t you think? T__________________T

      He was trying to be happy and not make her sad even though he was dying. THAT IS SO SAD :'((((((((( MY JINWOON BB <333

      Damn you too. And I got your email. I don't have a clue wtf you are on about? :D



    i want the mv :[

    • I KNOW!! MAGNAE <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

      And the MV needs to be released like YESTERDAY


        when is it supposed to be out?

        • IT’S OUT!!! XDDDDDDDDD

  3. i want the mv now. D:
    kim so eun is my girl crush~

    and jinwoon is my favorite 2am dude next to diva jokwon!

    this is gonna be depressing. @_@

    • So Eun is ridiculously cute and pretty. And I’m so jealous of her cuz she gets all the nice boys haha.

      SAME SAME. Jinwoon is defo 2nd favourite. I try REALLY hard not to be biased though, so I didn’t tell you that XP

      • LOL and you guys are telling us that you’re on ‘hiatus’
        and your replies are gonna be delayed for two weeks.
        you guys are soo cute. lol.

        • ;____________; I KNOW. I really really wasn’t going to reply to comments but then I felt bad. And my inbox is full of unreplied comments. AND I JUST FELT BAD. Ok I lied, I just felt like procastinating. HAHA. WE SUCK SO MUCH. Hiatus’s just dont work for us D:

          • and now i feel bad that i’m replying to you cos this’ll add to the things that you have to reply to, but you don’t really have to reply, but then you’ll feel bad/procrastinate and LOL, HIATUS JUST WON’T WORK ON ANYONE OF YOU.

            we love you, guys. srsly. lol.

            • It’s ok dearest! Pas, Candychu and I have worked out this awesome “study buddy” routine where we study hardout for like an hour or two then have like a 15minute break. So I’m replying to your comments during the break whilst talking to them. XDDD

              Aww we love you too <3

  4. Damn you Bec. Stop distracting me from…anticoagulants.

    • PFT. You LOVE being distracted, that’s why you came here in the first place XPP Lol.

      How ridiculously boring and torturous is it going through 3010? Seriously, WTF IS GOING ON!? I keep getting my anti-arrhythmic, heart failure and anti-hypertensive drugs muddled up :///// AND OMG I HAVE MY ORAL ON THE FIRST DAY AT 8AM. *stabs everyone*. When’s yours?

      • Read my reply below.

  5. It’s a viscious cycle we have here. You distract me. I somehow end up distracting you, and we’re back to the start. Or we could blame it on the Koreans.

    It’s so boring and tortorous, that I haven’t even gone past anticoagulants yet. So guess who’s screwed?

    You poor thing, but at least you get it over and done with. I’m 8 am, but on the next day XP And why are you stabbing everyone?!?

    • LOL. “read my reply below”. FAIL. And yes, I say fail alot these days XD

      Oh don’t you worry, I am definitely blaming fandom for this viscious cycle we go through! But studying is sooo boring, I can’t help but procastinate and get distracted with stupid stuff haha.

      I still think I’m more screwed than you. Mainly cuz at least you went to the lectures :/ *I* on the other hand have to catch up on lectopia AND memorise the million of lectures. I would dearly love to stab myself, but stabbing everyone else would make me feel better. Does that make sense? Most likely not haha. I WILL RUB IT IN EVERYONES FACE WHEN I FINISH THE ORAL! Cuz that’s the only good thing about doing it during the first time slot. They better give me something ridiculously easy like Aspirin XDDDDD

      • So I happened to miss the reply button XP

        Don’t worry, you’re not the only one procrastinating and getting distracted with stupid stuff. I spent a whole day, surfing the net and updating my mp3 player.

        Even if I did go to the lectures, doesn’t mean I learnt anything. And I doubt they give you something as easy as aspirin. Pharmacy will want to make your life hell.

        And I do enjoy how our topics are nothing related to the post.

        • You know, if you wanted to procastinate, I would advise that the best way is to watch 2PM’s Idol Show. Once you start watching 1 ep of it, you wouldn’t be able to resist. IT IS MADE OF AWESOME STUFF!! I don’t think you’re a big One Day fan? You should try them out, they’re as crazy as Suju XDD

          They always say “we’re here to help you, not make you fail”. I think that’s the biggest bullcrap. If they wanted to help us, then don’t give us four exams in a row then another three in a row. That is not exactly helping us T_T

          Well, I’m the only one getting my inbox spammed, so it’s ok haha. It just makes this post look more popular cuz it’s getting so many comments LOL

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