Posted by: lovediaries | June 10, 2009

SHINee – Juliette MV Dance Version

{credit; YoDubu1 @ youtube}

YAY. SHINee fans, get learning :D/ (wtf that was so grammatically incorrect)

I really appreciate it when they release Dance Versions of their MV’s XD. The choreography is so much better when you’re just watching from the front (like Taemin’s nifty little spin @ 0.42) hehe.

You can see the changes in their formation so much clearer, too. It amazes me how with one, two steps, they’re in a different formation already :D.

AND HOMG the move @ 2.54 :Q___________________. I don’t remember seeing that before~ (cause it’s different to the other choruses – and Onew obviously does the move for the other choruses in the last chorus xD; silly dubu~).


  1. WILL DOWNLOAD. *looks for HQ DL*

    • I dl the mirror version 8D.

  2. lol. and you’re supposed to be staying away from utube.

    will. learn. the. dance. D:

    • i know ;__;. i need you to tell me off again !!

  3. omg *___* the turn by taemin was hawt ;o;
    and onew totally fails X’D

    • inorite *___*; kept replaying those two parts haha

  4. so this is what it looks like if they have to lypsynch
    omigosh, really, sm knew how to pick their artist, all shinee member excels in dancing, look at the speed, particularly taem. he always dance 120%!
    i find this hard to follow, more difficult that replay

    my personal fave is key’s choreo in his first line, that is spiffy, and i loove how he tap his hat in 03.04

    lol dubu’s mistakes in 2.45, thanks for pointing it out,

    • I think even if they weren’t born to be dancers, they’re trained to become like pros. Seriously, with every group, you never really have someone who stands out as a crap dancer. They might not know how to freestyle, but give them some choreo and they can be FIERCE as :D.

      Lool he does some awesome things with his limbs at the start xD.

  5. LOL I come here so randomly and like every time there’s something SHINee posted x]

    I’m. never going to be able to do this dance but it’s fun to watch them do it :D Even though I’m mainly watching Taemin… =/

    • Sorry ;~; I hope you’re liking all the SHINee posts? Srsly, this happens every time they release something new. I go crazy with posts.

      • it’s SHINee i’m never going to not like it. wait. yeah. i love all the posts. :D

        • WOOHOO *feeds you cookies*

  6. :O after finals! I WILL LEARN THIS!! i haven’t learned a dance in forever!! last one i did was don’t don.
    this is AWESOME!! Taemin O_O can’t,…..stop……staring..!!!!

    • ME TOO! 5 weeks of vacation is for learning dance routines :D

    I’m going to get my friend who does dance to learn this and teach me. ;( Or better yet, get her to grab a group of 5 people and do a re-enactment.
    -will drool, @ Taemin’s spin especially-

    And the move at 2.54, I realised on the train today while watching the Inkigayo perf, that they actually do it. >< I just never noticed.

    • Yeah, rofl, I watched the Inki perf again after seeing it here and went “oh hey so they do do that :D”. Another reason why I love their Dance Version MVs :DD/

  8. lol omg it’s the magic dance! It worked with lollipop by big bang and 2en1 XD

    • Not a fan of lollipop so I won’t be watching that haha xD

      • lmao me neither. But I tried it for fun. Rino Nakasone’s amazing though XD

        • haha yep, SHINee gets the best dances ♥

  9. their dance always includes some magic footwork and awesome limb spins *_____*
    I dont think I’ll be able to master this choreo, the best I could get are Nobody and Tell Me, hahaha

    • I know, which makes it so much harder to learn orz

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