Posted by: lovediaries | June 11, 2009

090610 SHINee @ ChinChin & ShimShim Tapa Radio

Hey guys, apologies in advance, since I only ever post up SHINee stuff on my “hiatus”.


Onew talking and being cute and adorable and squishable and asking to be loved – I don’t know what Onew’s talking about (he says thank you like three times and sorry and mentions dongsaeng and hyung and member and gets all teary and is so sweet ;~~~~;) but the main point of this video is that KEY TELLS ONEW HE LOVES HIM ;________________________;.

Onew Solo: Playing Piano & “Babo” – This is such an appropriate song for Onew :D. Haha, kidding~ But I immediately melted when he started to sing *_________*. I love it when he plays the Piano (look at his little fingers :3); he doesn’t do it often enough. He should get a whole stage for it, too. Maybe sometime soon :/. Aww, is there an audio rip of this? XD. *must search on shineee forums later*.

SHINee singing “Gee” – I hear and see Taeyeon here rofl, so I know this clip is ChinChin ^^. Also, LOLing so hard XDD. EVERYONE SAY “PABO” ROFLLLLLL. And wtf was Onew doing at the start of the second chorus!?!??!? AHAHAHAHA.

Jonghyun Solo: “Baby Baby” – (there’s a download link in the video description ^^). Another really pretty ballad (still waiting for my duet ;__;); Jonghyun’s voice is really clear here. And the piano melody was really soothing, too~ (Noooo idea wth Onew was doing at @ 2.23 – possibly asking me to kidnap him? >:D And LOL @ Key xDD. They’re such boys, constantly fidgeting – watch Taemin @ 2.40 hehe.)


  1. I LOVE THAT GIF THERE ;D onkey<3

    onew so cute & sweet when he talked, though i dunno what he said either xD

    ONEW'S VOICE IS SOO BEAUTIFULL *__* he sounds so good in that song ;)

    ooh i love this song (he sang part of it on idol show with 2pm) jonghyun's voice fits really well for this song, imo. LOL at onew, key and taemin, so adorablee

    i haven't watched the video of them singing 'Gee' but i will soon!

    lol, i noticed that you always post SHINee stuff xD
    and beckery has the 2PM/AM stuff xD

    • lol, i noticed that you always post SHINee stuff xD
      and beckery has the 2PM/AM stuff xD

      LMAO, do you know why? It’s cause when we’re studying like maniacs, we have to feed off on some fresh jailbait to keep us going 8D.

      • Oi, Most of 2AM/2PM ARE OLDER THAN ME!!! What “fresh jailbait”?

        • Yeah but you totally secretly dote on the ones who are younger than you.

          Fresh jailbait. Like, fresh-out-of-the-shower-like-Chansung jailbait :D.

          SHINee magnae vs. 2PM magnae. Ya know. pout vs. pant

          • I’m listening to Jonghyun sing “Baby Baby”. IT IS FKN GOOD. And this is why he is my favourite. That voice will go far <333

            • so will that mouth of his

              He is also your favourite because he has a sexy jawline and sexy collarbones and those kissable lips and that adam’s apple and like his face. :Q____________________.

              • Must you always sound SO DIRTY! You’re such a bad influence to our young readers. T_T

  2. I LOVE THAT GIF THERE ;D onkey.<

    i haven't listened to them sing to 'Gee' yet but i will soon!

    lol, i noticed you always post SHINee stuff…while beckery does the 2PM/AM stuff xDD

    • sorry, wp went spastic and put your post in spam filter :(

      • lol whoops, i commented twice cuz i thought my first one was like, gone/deleted D; sorry about thatt

        • Haha no, that’s okay ^__^

  3. Why does Gee sound so manly when SHINee is singing it? EunTeuk didn’t sound very manly when they sang it XD It’s a dream come true for Key lol. Jinki’s voice (despite his screw up) still fit it so well wth. O:


    • HAHA I WAS THINKING THAT TOO! I remember Teuk going crazy high lmao xD.

      I THOUGHT THAT TOO! I was like, wtf, how come Onew can sing this song and still make it sound right !?

  4. OMG ONEW!!!! i love u sweetie! <3

    HAHAHAAHAA OMG "nomu nomu yeppo nun sdfbsdflasa~" HAHAHHAA SO CUTE!

    • i forgot to add in the beginning, Minho was like “and my…..girls?” HAHAHA he had to think about that! XDDD

      and omg love the solos <3 they really do have beautiful voices~ <3

      • YES LMAO the intro. And Minho’s cheeky smile after that part was so cute~

  5. ONEWWWW ;______;

    key. you girl. doing the GEE dance and everything xDDD onew cannot get cuter srsly. D: OH HI TAEMIN :DDD<3

    jonghyun is still just aljfldskj

    • Your OH HI TAEMIN :DDD<3 isn’t creepy. No, not at all :DDD<3.

      Why no love for Minho? ._.

        “and my…girls?” hehehe

        yay, minho love, lol sry i’m weird. xp

        • LOOOOOOOL XD. I only asked celecstasy cause she mentioned everyone but Minho.

      • He’s older than me so it’s not thaaat creepy. I have to tell myself that :] I have no bias…

        I was busy concentrating on the others. ;_; they do too many things at once. I litteraly flailed at Minho’s lines in Gee. I’m just digging a deeper hole for myself. xD

  6. onew solo rip:

    his voiceeeeee~~~

    • Ooh yes, I found it @ already. But thank you anyway ♥♥!!

    • omg omg I always lurvvvveeeee Onew’s solos!!!!
      give him a solo in the next album pleaseeee~~ :)

      • My fingers are crossed he gets one too!!!!

  7. is it my imagination or key looked lovestruck when jonghyun sing baby baby?
    jongkey! kekekeke
    its such wonderful song btw, perfect for him

    • LOL! I’m an OnKey shipper

  8. Onew’s solo=death to la flor. If I haven’t made it clear already, I love “namja voices”. They’re sexay.
    Gee was hilarious! This is one of those vids I’ll come home and watch when I need a good laugh. I had to pause Onew’s part for like 4 mins so I didn’t hurt myself laughing.
    Jonghyun is amazing as always. That boy…<3

    And I'm too lazybutt to post a link, but you should search Shinee on Shim Shim Tapa singing "Like A Virgin." It's funny on so many levels.

    • Onew’s solo = death to all, really.

      It’s actually funnier when you’re just listening to it because you focus the attention on all the sounds they make and it is SO FUNNY.

      Rofl I watched that clip! They’re all just blabbering away and no one knew the tune xDD.

  9. Gee killed me. seriously. Onew was sooo funny… And Minho, Jonghyun and Key were amazing. They must like that song XD (or Minho just heard it way too many times and Key’s just a girl XD and Jonghyun just likes to sing).

    And OMG, Baby Baby by Jonghyun made me turn into a mush. <3

    and the gif… *dies*

    • Lol it’s Key’s fav song fosho :PP

      The gif was the best part *O*

  10. Onew~~ bias bias bias

    re: Gee LOLing @ Key changing the beginning from “Listen boy” to “Listen girl”, while Minho’s like”my angels…. and my girls?”

    Also, Minho talking about Donghae was so precious. Before the SHINee comeback, it never occurred to me that out of the SHINee members, Donghae would be closest to Minho. And yet it’s so sweet. <3 (reminds me, I need to save those MinHae pictures from Music Bank)

    • YES OMG! I just watched that clip with a brief translation and awwww. I knew they had to be close from all the MuCore Comeback stage. Minho is close with all my favourites haha~

  11. Onew bb, this kind of thing you do that always makes me melt and drool and swoon like no tomorrow /lame XD

    lololol the Gee cover is too damn hilarious!! XDD
    Onew messed up his sunbae song ahaha
    Key of course, what dance he doesnt know? that boy.. tsk tsk ;)

    and at the end TaeYeon reading the fan mail
    “SHaShi, Shainee Shidae jjang!”
    “namja sonyeo shidae”

    hahaha XD

    • I even liked Onew’s lines in “Gee” rofl and I don’t even like cutsie songs xD

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