Posted by: lovediaries | June 11, 2009

“Infinitely Yours, Seoul” CF

More Tourism CFs (Beijing/Shanghai version HERE)! I just went with the slogan at the end of the CF for the title haha.

{credit: the1ay1a @ youtube}

This was adorably cute omg. DBSK, SNSD & SJ are in this one. Basically there’s a couple in Seoul and each of them try make their date romantic and stuff. Loved the part where SJ rush to plug in the big lights ^^

Jap Version – This one is pretty LULZY, like when she put the tab on Yunho’s back !? XD.


  1. You know, I honestly think we should get bricked at or shot at or thrown tomatoes at.

    I mean, is it logical that we actually do MORE posts during exams time?

    P.S I liked how the DBSK boys were throwing leaves. JJ looked like he was having the time of his life rofl.

    • I swear we do this every time, don’t we? I remember I posted like crazy before my yearlies last year.


      Did you see at the end when I think it was Sungmin & Donghae shining the lights down? I secretly wished it was Eunhae up the top :/. Ah, well.

      p.s I say no to all of your suggestions. I rather be jailbaited at :DDDDDD/

  2. Sorry, I’m not really convinced by the “Kpop stars will make your date in Seoul better!” because I’d rather date them than them working on the props, you know. XD

    • And if SHINee participated in this CF, it’d make things infinitely better too :D

  3. tis a proof that SM pwns Seoul. lol. well, SM is owned 2009’s first half.

    • I bet Key owns Daegu. lol.

    • I’m still waiting for more comeback activities not on radios >:D

  4. My favorite part was with the leaves XD If the commercial was a tad longer, also SHINee could appear… That would be great ^^

    • Haha yeah that was cute too~

  5. that’s so cute!

  6. waaaaa~ so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    why did she tab yunho oppa’s back O.o


    • Lol, to memo him? IHNI XD

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