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SHINee’s Shinies

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So being the pedo-noonas that we are, we’ve already looked at the inside of SHINee’s dorm and today we get to look at what their favourite things are :D YAY FOR UNEXPLAINABLE INTERESTS IN UNDERAGED BOYS >=DDD

So what do the SHINee boys regard as their shiny items? (omg I’M SO LAME XDDD)

So Taemin loves his Michael Jackson CD, Key treasures his DIARIES (LMAO, HAHAHAH, OH KEY, YOU’RE SO GHEI <333) LOLS FOREVER AT “KEY’S DIARY” XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. Minho loves his SHINee CD (poor boy, SOMEONE BUY HIM SOME STUFF, ASAP :P), Jonghyun loves his headphones (or his shirt/ipod? It’s hard to tell) and Onew likes his laptop (which I would totally drop if I ever held it like that).

It’s so cute of them to share their favourite things. Awww, young boys <333. I was trying to think of a favourite thing and I couldn’t come up with anything creative…I guess atm, it’s my laptop cos it has all my stuff in it?? UNI HAS SUCKED OUT ALL MY CREATIVE JUICES DDDDD;

But if you could just pick one, what would be your favourite thing? BE CREATIVE, YEA? :DDD


  1. THIS IS A CONSPIRACY!!! You just stole Worldling’s post tsk tsk.

    Creative tis my name. I would say…. “MY WHOLE ROOM” XDDDDDDD Looooooool. Fk I’m a genius. If that doesn’t count then my bottle of V. Yummmm

    Trust Key to have a diary ROFLMAO. I wonder what he writes in it every day. “I had noona fangirls follow me all the way from our dormitory to the studio. It was very scary. They kept shouting out my name. :/”.

    I think I just bought myself a one way ticket to the SHINee Worldling blacklist haha.

    • You sure as hell did >:(.

      • Rofl. I was waiting for a death threat. None?

        • Oh, you want a death threat? I’ll give you a death threat.

  2. DON’T BE MEAN TO MINHO ;__;. Just because he loves SHINee.

    Which reminds me, I still need to order that mini-album :/.

    And if you really want to know what Key writes in his diary ….

    7th June

    Today, we performed our Comeback stage on Inkigayo. It was amazing. I dressed in pink – just like a girl :D. Hairstylist noonas gave me headbands too. Such funky accessories! PD-nim was evil and made us perform “Juliette” over and over again. But it was still fun. We gave it our all.

    p.s Today is also the day the love of my life turns 18. I wish her a very happy birthday and may we continue to love each other for all eternity ~♥~

    Omg, I need food. I haven’t eaten all day T__T.

    p.s WTF, PAS DID A SHINee POST!?!??!?!

    • 7th June

      Today, we performed on Inkigayo. It was amazing. Noonas dressed me like JoKwon hyung, my rolemodel in life. We had fun performing our song, but the scary noona fans kept screaming my name and held up strange banners. This scared me.

      When I got back to the dorm, I went on Youtube and watched a fantastic video which described my feelings perfectly. I would like to give those video makers all my possessions; they truly wrote what I’ve always thought~

      I am also very relieved, as today my scariest Noona fan turns 18. This means that now I can call manager hyung when she tries to stalk me, and he will arrest her and put her in jail. Hopefully, the fact that she is 18 now means she will no longer think illegal thoughts about me. As that would be illegal.

      All in all, I had a good day today. May every day be as sparkly as this one.



      • 11th June
        Fine. (The weather, not me.)

        I’m about to slap a bitch because someone by the name of pinkandsparkly (WTF, THAT IS ME) has insulted both me and my favourite Noona. WHAT HAS SHINee WORLD COME TO!?

        *breathe, keybum, breathe*.

        Do not let the evil fairies ruin what has been a good day *twiddles dainty thumbs*.

        We performed on ChinChin late last night, singing “Gee” – one of my fav songs, you can bet ;). Taeyeon-unni even danced along with us :D *giggles with delight*.

        Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby gee gee gee gee baby baby~

        Then, up to here –


          when Key will reveal his diary? oops sorry it’s a diary.

  3. I don’t know if Minho’s love for their own CD means that he loves SHINee THAT much, or he just doesn’t have much stuff. I prefer the former much more than the latter.

    LOLOLOL “KEY’S DIARY”. XDDD Oh Key, I don’t care how ghei you are, you are amazing. I wonder if the other members have ever read them. lol Maybe he writes in English so they can’t understand it? I sure as hell would. XP

    Hmmm…my favorite thing? Pssh. That’s easy.

    My fandoms. :D Physically, my clothes. XD

    • Lmao, I’d love to read Key’s diary if it was in English XDDD. IMAGINE WHAT IT WOULD SAY.

      And I love my clothes too *___*


    TBH, I’m interested in EVERYONE’S favorite stuff and rooms. I don’t have special interest in underaged boys but if they’re willing to show off their stuff, I don’t mind :D

    I seriously want a netbook. *is jealous of Jinki’s* I have a few diaries but I bet they’d be more useful to Key hahaha~


    • Rofl, I don’t actually use my diaries. I just like to buy them :D

      And yea, I loooove looking at people’s rooms and the contents of their bags. I’M NOSY, OKAY :D.


    other than that onew is too cute. :]

    • Omg you don’t understand, I laughed SO hard when I saw the “Key’s Diary” he wrote on the cover XDDDDDD

  6. lol I’m currently writing a fanfic and its about each of them writing a diary entry and Key full on decorated the diary all girly and everything and Jong Hyun got mad D: XD

    I wish they showed some of the stuff SHINee forums gave them and such~ well then that’ll make the fans in S. Korea pissed but oh well haha.

    • Fanfic, eh? Can I read 8D

      What did the SHINee forums give them??

  7. hmm 5 boys sharing 1 room zzz seriously if you get one of those fluorescent light things i betcha there room would be full of stains… too far? i think not D:


    • I’ve been on Facebook too much: I WANT TO LIKE THIS COMMENT.

      • ROFLMAO! Omg we should totally suggest this to wp :/

    • ROFLMAO.

    • My favourite thing right now is my gloves, my fingers would be falling off without them.

      • wtf I replied to a comment

        • WTF. You do realise how inappropriate it is for you to be talking about gloves and fingers in response to the above comment, right ?

          • LOL I FOLLOWED YOUR LINK ON TWITTER, and it led me to reply to that comment.


            • I figured, ROFL.

              See, so jay-like in your fail :/.

              • LOL SHUT UP, just because I trust your links, I won’t do that again.
                Oh, and my socks have holes in them again ;______;

  8. But all SHINee’s items suit them so much. ^^
    It’s just like Jonghyun to have music as his favourite, and Key to have a diary. xD

    But my favourite would be either my iPod or phone. =/ Can’t live without either… lols.

    • I take my iPod and my phone EVERYWHERE. Oh, and my wallet :D


      • I DON’T EVEN TAKE MY WALLET EVERYWHERE WITH ME. :( [Like when eating out with my parents.]
        Just iPod & Phone, LOL.

        -throws something at Minho… lollies…- Now treasure it? :/

        • LOOOL, LOLLIES XDDD I’d give him…..Candy XD. We’re too cool.

          I take my wallet everywhere cos I always see shiny things I want to buy XDD. MUST LEARN TO RESIST.

  9. wahh so many posts idk which one to comment first XD

    *rush to read

  10. NOOO I accidentally replied to someone’s comment AND posted under the account I’m using for my history investigation project blog D:


      • historianmary omg that’s such an embarrassing name LOL but it was the most normal thing I could think of without coming off as a freak or perv.

        • Me thinks you could’ve just gone with history ROFL. histary?

          Anyway, we should probably stop spamming pas’ post. She might kill me D;

          • I almost commented as historianmary again, and I made my friend sign up with a blog called historiandiya kekekekeke

  11. Taemin and MJ album = WIN. I think if MJ knew about it, he would be really and I mean, REALLY happy and accomplished. (and damn, I want that album too, waah~~)

    Key killed me with those dairies. I really start to wonder if he is so girly like for REAL and it’s not the fact that crazy noonas are styling him up in such a way.

    And my love for Minho is getting bigger and bigger with each day. It’s so cute that he pointed to the Romeo mini-album. <3 Come on! it's because he looks so good, he picked it up! It was either that or a photo of him/the group and it would be more obvious and embarassing XD

    Jonghyun and Onew's thingies ar at least more normal ^^ I would pick up my phone with headphones. *at least it would be my shining thingie till I get a cd autographed by DBSK/SJ/SHINee. That's my life's goal (no matter how FAIL it sounds XD)*

  12. Taemin and MJ. I’m vacillating between D: & XD The SHINee jokes, they just write themselves.

    Also, Minho’s choice is so sweet. I’ve been on a Minho kick lately. Why is he so sweet & thoughtful & good-looking (and younger than me T_T)

  13. gahh. lolololol x10000 at minho’s randomness..

    i think minho had no time to think,

    so he liked, grabbed the nearest thing to him.
    [which was the shinee CD] lolol.

    i mean. seriously….

    that boy has got a life too ya knows. xDD

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