Posted by: beckery | June 12, 2009

090605 Magazine1 2PM MakNae

Credit: Madam2PMsubs @ youtube

Awwwwwwwww I love Chansung. He’s such an adorable bear. Whenever I see popcorn now, I remember Chansung winning that HUGE bag of popcorn on Idol Show and he was so happy with it looool. That boy loves his food XD

Lol they ask who the the lowest ranking members are and Taec says its Jay and him, Chansung is a bit higher then its “serve” magnae (wth is that?), Junho. So Junho goes “so basically the hyungs don’t have any human rights” and proceeds to get pushed off the chair by Taec HAHAHA. It’s so cute how they all tease Chansung, and he just sits there and laughs dorkily XD Oh and I think it’s at 3.20 where you can see Jay trying to unzip Wooyoung’s top LOL. I bet all these guys have eachother’s numbers T_T


  1. I bet all these guys have eachother’s numbers T_T

    Suju have almost double their members :/. More than double if you count Henry & Zhou Mi. Omg, I miss Henry. And I wonder when SM will start releasing teasers for ZLY’s new song.

    Yeah, I…always lead everything back to SM ROFL.

    Hi, my name is 2pm :D.

    • Fine let me rephrase that “I bet all these guys + 2AM have eachother’s numbers”. Yea that’s still less than Suju but I’m just saying T_T And I had it crossed out. So don’t read it jeez.

      You’re such an anti-clock >:/

      • DDD: I am not an anti-clock! I’m just saying …

        I bet Kibum doesn’t even know the name of the people in his group.

        “There’s Donghae, Leeteuk, Heechul…and, um, is there a Minho?” LOOOL.

        • Speaking of which. MInho’s love confession for Hae was adorable. I bet Hyuk was super jealous. That’s ok, cuz now he’ll come to me XD

          • More like Hae was thinking of a way to break it to Minho that he was in fact happily married in love with Hyuk and they couldn’t accept a third person in their relationship no matter how flamin’ and ~*charismatic*~ he was.

            • Hmm I don’t know…I mean if Hyuk will choose me over Donghae, then Donghae will probably also choose Minho over Hyuk.

              Um, why am I breaking apart my OTP again?

              • — You have been Shunned —

                • – So you think you can shun? –

                  • Omg, that was the freaking most lamest thing I have ever heard.

                    • Um like “- You have been Shunned -” isnt?!

                    • heyy can u fill me in the part(cuz u lost e there) where u guys were like minho’s love confession to donghae plssss……

                    • heyy can u guys fill me in the part where u were like minho’s coffesion to dongahe cuz im so lost right now…

                    • im soo sorry i repeated it twice cuz i thought the first one wasn’t in yet….”sorry,sorry”:)

  2. “so basically the hyungs don’t have any human rights”

    I guess that’s why Chansung made Jay go fetch like a dog… D:


    • ROFL. It’s not magnae’s fault that Jay wants to be a dog XD

  3. they are so violent with each other. xD

    • I know right haha. Taec pushes Junho off his chair. Then Chansung pushes Wooyoung to the north pole ROFL XDD

  4. “serve” magnae is the fan service magnae… ep ryeowook!!

    • Ahh I see. XD

  5. chansung must be the oldest magnae in idol group universe
    back in highkick, chansung is so cute looking, now, he look oldest,
    btw i fancy the way he eat rice, lmao, he eat like that and stay fit? i want recipe
    their violentness towards each other is <3!

    • one last thing. 3.20 OMG jay, get a ROOM!
      thank you for your hawk eye, this is why i love visiting imop, lol

      • I LOVED HIGHKICK!! It’s so funny! And I LOVE Jung Il Woo (*__* He’s such a hot bad boy) and KimBum, but man, Chansung looked good in there haha.

        Aww thanks for visiting us and giving us comments here and there. Makes us feel special too. And yea we’re trained to have hawk eyes XPP HAHAHA.

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