Posted by: beckery | June 12, 2009

090610 Living Show – Super Junior

Credit: sjsubs09 @ youtube

;_____; Korean fans are so lucky!! I don’t even know what this show is about hahaha. But pretty much some young Korean fangirl (and her mum) got to meet Teuk, Kangin, Eunhyuk and Ryeowook. Lol, you know, if I ever got to go meet the boys, I would NOT let my mum come along cuz I’m pretty sure she’d disown me afterwards :/

But d’awww the boys are super nice and gave her encouraging words about studying etc. They even did the cute pinkie promise thing afterwards and one of the boys go “now she won’t wash her hands” HAHAHA. TRUE FACT. And why didn’t any of the boys hug the girl except Hyukjae? I’m not jealous, just……. curious? NOT


  1. LOL. ‘she won’t wash her hands’
    but we have to wash hands really often esp with the pandemic all around to harm us. O:

    • Yea..everyone’s a bit freaked out at it, aren’t they. But um, if I was her, I rather a HUG FROM HYUK than shake hands pft XD

      • i want to hug them all. LOL.

  2. XD They wanted her to still shower and now she won’t be able to because of Hyukkie’s hug XD He was the only one that didn’t think about it ^^’

    • Loooooooool. Hyuk is so adorable <333

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