Posted by: lovediaries | June 12, 2009

090611 2PM Special Stage @ MCountdown

{credit: yanaftwtwo @ youtube}

They perform “Again & Again” + “I hate you”.

Okay, so the stage is pretty neat … BUT WTF IS JUNHO WEARING DDD; Both him and Junsu are wearing “TOP masks” lol but while Junsu’s is studded which is okay, Junho’s has got all this bling on his and it looks too big on him xDDD. Don’t like it :(.

They’re looking pretty fierce but then the choreography for “I hate you” is pretty ridiculous. They look like they’re hopping on burning coal :/. There’s…definitely room for improvement in terms of singing too ^^;;. (I LOLed so hard @ Taec. mooray, was it ~greasy~ enough for you? xP)


  1. first!!!
    oh my god!!!!
    they are so hot!!!
    speechless…but do jun jun brothers need to wear that TOP MASK???…they look weird actually..
    but, overall they are so good..
    look really matured,manly not boys anymore…espc taecyon
    he sounds like TOP during that rap part!!..
    gonna miss again and again…welcome niga mibda!!!

    • Haha yeah I didn’t really like the masks. Junsu looked okay but Junho’s looked too big for him XD.

  2. HAHAHAHA! I think junho looks hot
    in that shirt, but then again, i’m biased XD
    and yes, the sparkly chin mask thingy really…
    is very interesting. the choreography
    made me laugh so much i feel bad, but
    taec still looks mad hot in those sunglasses!

    • HAHA Taec is so funny in those glasses. Idk I think it’s his rap that makes me lol XD.

  3. omggg..

    the top masks r fugly.. ;_; whyyyyyy….

    bt jay!! xD

    gahhhs. this might sound rly ghei.

    bt. imma guy. lololol.

    • Oh wow, yay for fanboys haha~

  4. gahh. above was posted on a 1min pause,

    after vid;;

    gahhhhh. :3
    their vocals were impressive.
    didnt rly minded the funky choreo tho.
    (no biasedness intended.).

    • This was their first perf for the song so I don’t think it was perfect. But they did get better!

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