Posted by: lovediaries | June 12, 2009

090612 Music Bank

Lots of wonderful performances … which I haven’t yet had time to watch orz. Congratulations to 2PM on winning ♥♥!!

Beckery: Just hijacking my way into this post to help Candychu out with some performances, whilst I’m on my study break :D

2NE1: Fire – Their first performance on Music Bank! I don’t watch all their performances but these girls are definitely something fierce >:D! CL has really good stage presence and wooah does Minzy usually do the splits? O___O. She made it seem so easy to do lol. Bom is really cute :3, her vocals have improved since their debut stage, I think. It’s gotten stronger? But she still seems a little stiff. Their outfits are less crazy here, I don’t actually mind them – except for Dara’s feather-boa-coat. How can that be comfortable to wear? xD. And she sounded slightly breathless for her part near the end. But anyway, great performance nonetheless :).

2PM: Again & Again + I Hate YouBec: I sorta dig their new gangster style. At least it doesn’t look like they’re wearing tracksuits to their performances hahaha. Some of them have pretty amusing accessories though, such as those dangly things, the chin masks and Khun and Taec’s pants, which are made from raincoat material for sure XDD

Man, I’m so proud of them!! You can hear improvements in the “Hate You” performances already. Mucho better compared to yesterday’s. I FREAKIN LOVE TAEC’S RAP HERE! It’s so manly and fierce and lol Taec, you are freakin greasy, I love it <33

2PM: Winning & EncoreBec: I seriously thought the boys would never win Music Bank. I’m so glad they did though! They deserved every ounce of it ;____; They look so happy :DDD Lol at Junsu and Jay just blasting out names after names.  I spy a Hyuk/Junho hug too. D’aw. I didn’t see any of them cry though, did they? ♥

8Eight: Goodbye My LoveBec: I really, really like this song. It’s grown on me heaps in the past 24 hours? Haha. I love the girl’s “lalalala” part, it’s so melodic and sweet, like a bird humming. Pretty *___*

SHINee: Juliette – They’re in their Romeo outfits again. Not sure if I’m happy about that or not, but then there’s THIS picture and, idk, I guess I still would prefer them in casual clothes (or even if they just let Jonghyun wear his wifebeater *O*).

I’m only watching this in LQ atm (waiting for a HQ to dl hehe) but from pictures I saw, Onew was wearing a headband in this performance? And I think Key is too. Again. Lol. Taemin’s really improved a lot with his singing; I mean, how much louder has he gotten!? ^^. AND DID YOU GUYS SEE MINHO’S BACK @ 1.03 :Q________________.

Super Junior: It’s You Bec: 1. Umm why does Yesung still have that hair?!!? :/ 2. These boys need some rest. 3. Wook looks like a nerdy nerd in his glasses, that’s so cute XD 4. Eunhyuk makes a heart for me before his chest pop. 5. They definitely need some rest <3

Taegoon: Superstar – So…Taegoon got new clothes. He looks like a cross between a space person and a clown O_____________o. At least he’s wearing normal pants! And look, he’s actually singing with softer bg music :D. And LOOOOOOOOL I did not know it was “Bounce” after “Superstar”, I always just went BANG! XDD. *fail*. Yay for improvement :DDD/

We always tend to post like mad when it’s exam time haha – have you guys noticed? XD


  1. awww shinee didnt win, not even top3? but 2pm yay!! i never get tired of their song

    • It’s okay, there’ll be plenty more opportunities ;__;

  2. lol no comment for Taegoon?!? To be honest though, I didn’t think 2PM would win for MuBank especially with Suju, which reminds me what happened to Yesung’s hair :( but yay 2PM ftw!

    • Sorry, hadn’t yet gotten round to watching the clips when bec edited the post ^^;;

      Lol he’s had that hair for over a week I think. Idk, I think he looks fierce with it…but it looks like he’s got a mop eating his head rofl XD

  3. 2NE1 = gah, I love those girls, ever since I heard Lolipop but I don’t really like this song :( But it sound great live.

    2PM = MUCH LOVE. They were great! Def., one of my fav Again&Again performances. And they look so sexy in those outfits! And I hate you sounded great, I was really surprised! They did improve since yesterday, lol! Taecyeon is slwoly making up to my top 10 fav Korean signers… I was spazzing on his parts. Like really *blush* And Hate you is also growing on me…

    Juliette = Creepy noona mode on. I truly believe Key was supposed to be born a girl. <3 And I don't really mind he didn't. And Minho's bringing sexyback <3 Oh and while Jonghyun did his "ooooh" thing he looked extremly sexy. More than always.

    It's you = OMG, HAE, I LOVE U. Khem, I mean, he smiled and once again sung in a perfect way. It looks like he is back to being his good old self. Confident, cute and sexy. And I love Yesung's hair .< So yaay for 2PM ^.^

    • Yeah, I’m not a fan of lollipop but I think they have really good stage presence and are all really cute <33.

      Jonghyun is sex on legs, I swear~

  4. Yesterday’s Hate You performance was a bit off, this is much better <333 ffff- Taek you greaseball ;____;, also the ridiculous dance is growing on me.

    And I didn't watch anything else because I'm supposed to be doing an assignment D:

    • Everything grows on you, no matter how ridiculous cause you’re rabid HAHAHAHA 8D.

      • HAHAHA I’M NOT RABID (yet), no ass groping here

        • but you would do much more, if given the chance.

  5. -just watched SHINee & SuJu-

    SHINee: whyyy the Romeo outfits? WHYY. D:
    On the other hand, YES, Taemin’s singing is heaps better and louder and you can actually tell he’s singing. :) I love that boy, he is beyond awesome. ><

    SuJu: they look so tired. x___x They should stop overworking the boys; their dancing wasn't as great as before and they didn't exaggerate? much. D: & the pink and blue stage doesn't really work well with their (awesome) silver/white outfits. :/
    But there weren't many zooms, so it's almost like a dance version. P: I always wanted to see what everyone did while Shindong&Eunhyuk popped their chest at each other. xD

    • MuBank cameras are always rly crappy :/. I liked tonight’s perf though – so much fanservice :Q___

      • …Dang, I d/led it but I told myself I wouldn’t watch it until I finished another topic of study. :/

        -goes back to study-

        • …let’s see if you can resist hahaha

  6. 2NE1, I really like their “Take A Bow” cover, them girls can speak engLLLish! XD
    SHINee, omg omg Key’s backside *O* and Jonghyun in wife beater dayuummm
    um Taec kinda reminds me of TOP, imo.
    Eunhyuk’s heart lol creative addition :)

    • I watched :D! I love their english and voices &&.

      Yes, Jonghyun in a wife beater is the sexiest thing alive omg :Q__

  7. i’m a giddy 2pm fangirl but i gotta admit the little line sort of texan (?) dance they do in the chorus is a bit of a letdown from their again and again dance routine. but then again the awkward (makes me think pervy thoughts) khun chest rubbing grew on me. matter of time, i guess. but as much as i love taec, can’t help but miss T.O.P. when i heard him rap. i suddenly had a flashback of T.O.P.’s trademark sunglasses in Lies perfs, where he gives one dirty immakillyou look after removing them. *does the T.O.P. fingerpointing dance** good call on the 2pm outfits! even with all the leather, so much improvement from last time! you can tell the PDs/stylists are partial to khun, as always lol guy always gets the best and different outfit. jae & wooyoung looked damn fionne <3

    • LOL OMG YES. At first, I was like WTF @ Khun’s tummy rub but then that grew to be the only move I can actually do properly. I usually just flail for the chorus rofl xD.

      Lmao everyone is biased towards Khun T___T.

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