Posted by: beckery | June 12, 2009

Super Junior It’s You Chest Popping

Credit: Sup3rJunior @ youtube

BRB. HAVING MAJOR NOSEBLEED!! *_________________*



7 versions of intense, scrumptious, sexy, drool worthy chest poppings put in one video for your convenience. The song gets crazily repetititve after awhile but wtf, who cares when you can see them all popping like there’s no tomorrow. EUNHYUK, you keep doing this..this.. this SMEX (especially that last body pop) and you’re gonna have to give me a freakin blood infusion, you hear me!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥


If you’re not convinced yet, here let me give you a sample (no not really, I just feel like busting out a Hyuk-smex-is-I gif XD). I don’t remember who I got it off, but it was off Soompi.


  1. I saw you favourited this on your youtube. Hence, this.

    • Um. Hi? :D


        • WTF?

          • I was trying to be all pirate-y .__.

            • OMG. I thought you were going crazy or someshit :S

  2. Gosh! EUNHYUK!!!

    im speechless.sigh~


  3. wow nose bleed from this popping? then will you have a heart attack when they start popping out other things?

    • Lol, let’s try to keep things g-rated XD

      • okok lol but i meant like new dance moves zz

        • SURE YOU WERE XP Haha, not suss at all

  4. oh man i have not been here in so long..
    but HYUKJAE u lil son of a gun….
    you’ve killed me soooooo many times…
    you is toooo smexy!!
    especially that last body pop?. watever you wanna call it…

    • Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. You don’t love us anymore .___.

      Haha. I would like go call that last thing a body pump and Candychu actually came up with “hump” ROFL. But um pop would do XD

      • HUMP WAS MY TYPO OMG >:((((

        • Whatever, you’re too OCD to do typos. You were thinking it, you just didn’t want to admit it. PFT. I know you too well XD

  5. epistaxis. *____*
    i was waiting for somebody to gif that. woot.

    • Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I just don’t rmbr who I got it from :/ So um if any of you guys own that gif right there, please tell me and I’ll credit it.

      Otherwise JUST ENJOY *__________*


  6. I was waiting for you to mention that Eunhyuk move (from your sample). Waiting for you to spazz ^^

    • Looooooooooooool. I can never resist Hyukjae XD I remember watching that specific performance, saw the body pop (pump/hump?) and went LKSJFSJLKFSFJ THAT IS SO HOT. Then I was busy so I forgot to post about it. But this clip is ten times better anyways. *___*

  7. actually i wanted to find 2PM’s lyric.. but ended reading this title and watching the vid.. OMGOD who the hell made this compilation vid? LOL

    i love Eunhyuk’s chest poppin’ frm the first time i saw it.. and i think he’s sexier when he just opens one side of the jacket.. two is a lot.. and a lot is not good.. xD *well it’s just IMO*

    oh and also.. i rly love looking at that “Hyuk” necklace jumping and jumping over his chest.. LOL i wanna be his necklace.. oops.. JK.. hahaha

    • WOOT. NEW READER?! HELLO!! XDDD Rofl, I get excited when we get new readers and commentors so visit our site more kk?! (Did I just um scare you away? .__.)

      But I KNOW RIGHT. I forever love the person who compiled it cuz um it’s just like the hottest thing I’ve seen all day, week, month!! Have you seen that fancam of Shindong lowering Hyuk’s jacket during that part?! IT IS HOT!! But I’m so biased towards Hyuk, everything looks hot to me XDD haha.

      Btw, sorry bb, but Hyuk is my property :D

      • wah mian took me a very long time to reply.. i seldom browse actually.. haha you didn’t scare me tho.. it’s just me.. well but i bookmarked your site so i’ll visit sometimes when i browse.. :D

        emm.. Shindong lowering Hyuk’s jacket? eodi? i don’t think i have seen it.. or i didn’t notice.. o_o but i think Shindong n Hyuk love to make contact during perfs.. lol

        and yeah Hyuk is all yours.. don’t worry i won’t take him.. haha i spot him late actually.. during Don’t Don to Suju H time.. and getting crazier after Sorry2.. lol my eyes were blind long time ago.. xD

      • i alrdy watched the perf when Shindong lowering Hyuk’s jacket during that part.. haha yeah it’s HOT.. i always like when Hyuk interacts w. other members on stage.. <3

  8. woahh *_____*
    now I wish someone would make Heechul’s high-scream part and his ending lol that would be fantabolous ;)

    • LOOL. Nahhhh hip thrusts? :DD

  9. Waaaahhhh!!!


    God that was hot~

    • I know right. And this is why I love that guy to the ends of the world. *tear* Such an awesome proposal from me…HAHA. Omg I’m so sorry, I think I’m going crazy! Did I scare you away? .___.

  10. That vid was so hot. D: I love his last pop just before Heechul sings. x)
    But GOD, I ended up muting it and just watching Eunhyuk’s hotness. xD
    Have to love his jacket stripping. ;)

    • OMG UR SO SMART!!!! Lol, I should have muted it too. I was sorta getting annoyed with the repetition going on but kept watching for Hyuk. Smart girl! XD

  11. im going insane someone stop me from pressing the reset button!!!!!(i’ve got exams cuming soon n i cant just stop watching hyuk!!!!)so effin hot and sexy…….luv him 4eva…n luv heechul n kyu too…..

  12. heya, new reader here!!! =) i must say that im soooo loving this blog.. ive been spending the past few days backtracking on all ur older posts.. (yep, im that bored)..

    and THIS vid is awesome.. just can’t get enough of it.. (..must.. not.. blink…) my reset button is on fire!!! oh dear hyukkie..

    ehmmm.. is it just me or is it getting hot in here..?

  13. yummy ;)
    totally squeal worthyyy
    XD eeeeee!!!!!

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