Posted by: lovediaries | June 12, 2009

Super Junior M – 2009 Pepsi CF Making

{credit: pr3tchie @ youtube}

I feel like it’s been a lifetime since I heard some Cantonese from non rl people rofl.

I’m so sad, I watched this in hope of seeing Henry but … I did not see him >:|. They basically just play around on set, it’s really cute. Donghae does a Junho here, he goes “Hi, I’m Super Junior M” hehe :3. Hankyung & Kyu celebrated their birthdays in Thailand while fliming for this (omg, they filmed this that long ago!? O.o) and Jolin comments that they’re like one big family. Sweet ^^.


  1. can’t understand a thing >.<"
    but it's entertaining hahah~ thanks for posting this.

  2. can’t understand anything >.<"
    but its entertaining. hahah~ thanks for posting!


    • That’s okay, you’re welcome ^^

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