Posted by: beckery | June 12, 2009

Super Junior – Super Show II Promo Clip

Pic credit to sjmarket


The quality isn’t the best and there’s no subs, so I have no clue what they’re talking about. But everyone looks scrumptious in their tuxedos/suits/little bow ties ♥_____♥ HAHAHA PAS said, “Teuk looks kinda crazy with that hat”. HE DOES XDD

You know, I really really REALLY want to see a HQ of this, so I can see Kibum’s face. Cuz um am I (well PAS and I) the only one (two) that thinks Kibum looks like he rather not be there. Perhaps he’s just tired, but he sure looks bored shitless to me. *gets bricked* .____.

::EDIT:: SUBBED VER. HERE (Kudos to panda for the heads up XD)


  1. Well I don’t want to say much about Kibumie. You two aren’t the only one who thinks like that.
    I wish him to be more cheerful

    Not only in the vid also in the photo, teuk and heechul are funny with the hat.

    • Just want to share because it is soo funny..
      EunTeuk @ kiss the radio (eng sub)

      • That was so cute, thank you for that! They mentioned IU and Hyuk called her his little dongsaeng. dAWWWW <33

    • Oh trust me bb, I’ve already toned it down alot. I would have said so much more in relation to Kibum if I could. But I’m sure most of you guys don’t want to hear about my disappointment so I’ll just keep that to myself haha.

  2. Well, I think his expression says “WTF am I doing here?!” and that’s kind of depressing :( But on the bright side, Heechul also looked annoyed/bored in the vid. And Donghae and Hangeng looked tired to me.

    I know Kibum doesn’t sing much (don’t know about the other 3 new songs from the repacked album – I refuse to check them online as I’m waiting for the cd to come), but it would be definetly nice if he tried his best with the promotion… Or at least pretend to be happy about their comeback…

    • Lol. Yea most the front row looked sorta out of it. So maybe we’re thinking too much into it..or maybe we’re spot on and he just doesn’t want to be there :( *sighs*

  3. Kibum doesn’t want to be there and Heechul is sulking because he’s not seated next to Hankyung


    • and bb theres a concert category

      • ROFL. Heechul is on chronic mood swings so yea it’s hard to predict why he has his “don’t mess with me” face. But Hankyung could be the reason XD


        Omfg, you really went to change the category?!?! GTFO. You OCD maniac.

  4. why is kibum in front when he’s not even looking like he’s interested? -o-;

    i want a poster of that. but the only poster i would really spend money for is the poster of the super show that i will be able to attend… which probably means i’ll never be able to get a super show poster ;-;

    why does it look like there are so many of them? i mean, more than just 13? D:

    • Because Father SM wants us fans to see that he is still there lol.

      Lol, I’m rather OCD when it comes to my room actually, so I don’t put up posters. The only one I have up is a Shinhwa one and that’s stuck to the door so most of the time, you can’t even see it. I like my white walls? HAHA
      Um, I count 13? hahaha.

      • Oh, and remind us even more that he’s rarely there?

        I don’t put up posters but it’s more because I don’t want my posters damaged. XD

  5. here’s a subbed version

    • Edited the post. THank you :D

  6. They all look dashing
    and i agree with you
    Kibum looks like he doesn’t want to be there
    and i couldn’t actually see heechul

    and just a side note: i had 5 teachers dress like that today
    it was soo funny xD

    • LOOL. As in the black and white suit?! XDD

      Yea, I totally need glasses too. They all looked like miniatures here

  7. LOL. i stayed on this page for hours doing nothing. XD

    anyway, it’s still good to see kibum complete the 13. i just hope he’ll not go MIA on the concert itself. ><

    • Awww you must love us <3333

      I wouldn't bet on it that he will be there. So don't get our hopes up too high T_T

      • yeah, i wouldn’t want my heart broken. kibum’s done it several times already. ;~;

  8. well i wanted to comment something but totally forgot abt it now……anyways just wanna say really dissapointed in kibum…..n(goin to the happier side) heechul is just so handsome in watever mood he is in …..but i was just wondering why is it that kyuhyun is so perfect(good in studies, amazingly hot n goodlooking, gorgergous drop dead voice) ???(i knw im really random…btw luv this site)n in the picture i feel like there is like never too much than 13 it actually feels so little……conclusion….love suju forever!!!!!!!

  9. oh i just remebered wat i wanted to comment on …..i luv the picture u put at the top where it says lets all eat candy….(just wondering is the realationship between heechul n hankyunnk close???)

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