Posted by: lovediaries | June 13, 2009

090610 2NE1 – Take A Bow

Because I’m procrastinating (again) and I need to use the ‘2NE1’ tag more >:D.

Thanks kandie for letting me know about this! Actually jjongie @ twitter mentioned she was listening to this on repeat but then when kandie mentioned it in a comment, I finally dragged my lazy ass over to youtube to check it out.

{credit: YGladies @ youtube}

And you guys ought to too! I know there was a lot of hype surrounding this group which put people off them, but you can’t deny they have a lot of talent!

For reference, from left to right, it’s Minji (short bowl), CL (pigtails), Dara (Shang bun) and Bom (ponytail). I WANT THEIR HAIR, WHY IS IT SO SHINY!? And for the record, they all sing better than Rihanna aha (not a fan of her, sorry xD).

Minji actually has a really strong voice and CL should also be allowed to sing more! I hope the next song they release is more ballad/rnb-ish because while I don’t mind upbeat songs like “Fire”, their voices really suit this type of music more, imo. And Bom seems more confident here too~ Though this may just be me being biased towards slow music hehe.

(Also, how cute is Bom with her “please“, she looks like she’s 5! Haha, so cute :3)


  1. the umbrella cover is pretty nice too, but I’m too fed up with the e’e’e’ part =.=”

    Minji’s voice is really far better than I thought, that’s because she’s been only rapping in “Fire”.
    Sandara is still so-so, standard nice voice XD
    leader CL has the most stage presence amongst them :)
    Bom, great vocal but idk her face always seems stiff eek D:

    • Omg the e’e’e’ part can get so annoying T__T.

      I hope YG put their voices to good use haha. Can’t wait for their next release !

  2. In other circumstances, I would have loved to be their fan. They’re talented and all but. You know. RL issues and stuff I’ve already written about.

    Anyway. Unrelated: MCore perf with ShinHyuk Dance Battle yo

    • Thank you for the link, I was just writing it up when you commented :).

      And yeah, I know … just look out for stuff we post? :P We only post the awesome stuff hehe ^^

  3. xD

    i agree, she should be allowed to sing more.

    idk why,bt usually im more into bom,

    somehow i prefer CL in this song. xDDDD

    • Oh no no, I agree. Like when Bom was singing, I was like “wooot I love that girl~” then CL was singing her parts and I thought “*O* KEEP SINGING, DONT STOP” XD

  4. i’m not surprised that they can sing; it’s YG we’re talking about – all their artists are talented in some way. (:

    i really like dara’s voice, but it’s def not as strong as the others. and CL has such charisma even when she’s not in your face, haha.

    looking forward to seeing them improve. :D

    • I think Dara has a sweet voice but def not as strong as others. Even Minji has a stronger voice, I’m so impressed with her! And yeah, CL is awesome omg <33.

  5. gahh…
    and dont u think bommie is just soooo cute?? :3

    but seriousl tho.
    Dara has GOT to do something with her hair.
    notice how its not as shiny as the others. [lololol]

    and her bun looks like her coconuttree hairstyle
    got cropped or sumthin. xDDDDD

    • yes! I think Bom is adorable omg :3.

  6. omgsh…. the girls were really good~~

    • impressive, right? :D

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