Posted by: lovediaries | June 13, 2009

090613 Music Core

I love Music Core Stages. They’re always so colourful and cute and fun :D. So…Shindong & Hyuk had a dance battle (for 30 seconds?)

2PM: I Hate You

8Eight: Goodbye My Love – Another really good performance ♥. Joo Hee is so graceful, I love her voice. The song sounds so inspirational though lol but the MV was so sad :(.

SHINee: Juliette – We get a lovely shot of all their shoes lol (actually, we get many throughout. I suspect one of the cameramen is obsessed with their shiny shoes hehe). Minho & Onew took off their jackets, Taemin got new pants :D/ and Key has a whole new outfit (thank goodness, I hated his pants and cap ;__;) but also a new mane T_T. Why can’t they wear casual clothes without hairy bits!? ….

Super Junior: It’s You – LOL. What a battle. A full 20 seconds worth :D/ … T__T. I wish the camera didn’t try to go all cool with their special effects. Psh. But mmm they ought to do more of that…and for longer *O*.

Onto the performance … WOOKIE IS SO CUTE WITH HIS GLASSES :3. AND LOL OMG LAUGHING FOREVER. You know the “oh oh only for you” part where Hyuk usually takes his jacket off his shoulder!? Well he’s now too cool to do it himself – Hae and Shindong help him XDDD. And then the two throw in some pelvic thrusts xD. And and and, I spy with my little eye something beginning with K and ends with YUMIN :DDD. The camera usually never catches that move where they pass by each other :/. Kyuhyun is mega fierce in these performances hehehe. I likey :D. Also Heechul was *THIS* close to Hankyung’s face at the end *O*.

Lol, I swear, half the time I watch these performances for the fanservice XD.


  1. OMFG, they’re dacing to Harder Better Faster Stronger! That’s one of my ultimate favs! *dies* And it’s the Daft Punk version! Ahhh, I love them one bit more after this <3

    The oh-oh-only for you part is getting sexier and sexier with each performance. I sewar if this continues I'm going to be left without any blood in my veins. *Hae's hip thrust ADSKJADG* but even though we got a Kyumin momment I didn't get to see what was Donhae doing, waaah T_T

    Last time (on MB) Heechul almost kissed with Siwon. Now he git close to Hangeng. Cheater XD

    Did I have the wrong impression or did they won? Agh, I don't have time to watch the other performances now… *exams time here as well*

    • …No idea what that is *FAIL*.

      HAHA yeah, they keep coming up with new stuff to keep us entertained~

      Hmm I just realised I didn’t watch last night’s perf T__T. But rly!? THEY WON!?!?!??! No idea O___o. I usually check my twitter haha and no one spazzed about them winning.

      Aw, HWAITING~! For your exams :). We can do it!

    • If I remember correctly, they danced to that song on Love Letter once YEA YEA?! Cuz I remember that I heard that song FROM them and went to search for it. It’s an awesome song to dance too XDD

      • they did dance to that song on Love Letter, yay!! I found people who know that Daft Punk sang that song, everyone else tells me it’s Kanye but he only sampled it

  2. AHAHA, I kept my promise and finished a topic before watching the SuJu perf of neorago. :) -proud-

    THEY”RE DANCING IN CAGES. (#%)*%)@# I DONT KNOW WHY BUT THAT IS SOMEHOW HOT. LOL. And yes, too many camera cuts. D: Would’ve liked to stare some more.

    Ummm, I hate the stage. -__- Why are they dancing in front of pyramids? ;|
    But Ryeowook is so adorkable with those glasses. x) But Yesung’s hair isn’t getting any better. D:
    The o-o-only for you was so. @___@ Also Eunhyuk’s pop just before Heechul entered… ;D AND WHEN IT ENDED, HEECHUL CLOSES HIS EYES. So it’s practically; D: [And he breathed into the mic instead of saying neorago to Hankyung? D: WHY!]

    • Omg if only I was as disciplined as you. Here I am, replying comments and I haven’t done my study for the day. Argh, fml T_T.

      LOL idk, the stage is lulzy but it’s creative? I wonder what they do with all the props once the show is over :/

      • Hah, but I was twitter-ing and MSN-ing like crazy. x__x So not much of an achievement. :/ Still have the other 3 perfs to motivate me. (:

        …Maybe they ship them off to Egypt to use in those old Pharaoh movies. .___. -idk-

        & I still can’t be bothered to work now because I have tutoring in an hour. :/ I should try get another topic done though (AND I CAN WATCH SHINee (: )

  3. why do they have to be soo freaking HOT??!!
    *eyeing kyu especially >o<*
    eunhyuk's chest popping part has evolved!!*throwing confetti* ahahaha~ hw much mr creative cn they get?!

    im gonna watch this one more time!!
    p/s: i hate that gloves on kyuhyun's hands in every neorago's performance *siiii~gh*


      LMAO I always think the glove looks too big on Kyu. Idk he doesn’t look comfortable wearing it…but I have a thing for gloves *O*.

      • tell me about it!! :D
        ahahahah~ good for you then teehee~

  4. ok, omg.

    wtf happened to yesung’s hair..???

    its like…
    very ugly
    a big mess.

    • LOL AW, it’s not that bad.

  5. Mmmm. I am loving these new developments to the chest popping motion. And that body wave that Hyuk does (or what Candychu likes to call the “HUMP”) still gets me in a tizz.

    Also I am watching that video. In my office. And I was making ungodly noises during that stupid pelvic thrust thing. And my boss heard/saw me. Am definitely gonna get fired now. *watches the perf again*

    • ROFL “HUMP” XDDDDD She’s gonna kill me now!

      • ihu. you watch yourself when you get here …


  6. OK I haven’t been up to date on 2PM and what not but yeah.


    First I love this song! It’s sooo catchy! especially the chorus.

    Second the performance was SEXY!!!! OMG!!! and they were all sweaty!?!?!? WHY!?!?!?! *nosebleed* They sounded great.

    Why am I the only one commenting on 2PM =_=

    • Aww I would comment on 2PM too if I had time to watch it T_T

      But um, I love it when they get sweaty and man, these boys sweats bucketloads for reals. I think they sweat the most out of all the boybands hahaha.

      Random much.. haha

    • Lol sorry, these posts were all done during exam cramming period – I didn’t have time to watch everything T__T

  7. i didnt comment on 2PM because i was too distracted
    to yesung’s hair super junior. lololol

    • lmao is that what you were doing in the other post then? testing your html coding?

  8. dang my html didnt work. lololol. >.<
    the yesung was supposed to be striked. lololol

  9. Taemin, that boy is a dance machine :O
    Shiwon’s bod looked really, like really, buff, these days XP

    • I KNOW. His arms are so big, I’m getting scared LMAO.

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