Posted by: beckery | June 14, 2009

090610 YeoYouManMan ft Super Junior

A big thanks to ELSubs @ youtube for subbing and uploading HD *__*

Part 1

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8 (Not all subbed yet)

The show looks sooooooooooooooooo good!!! Only Eleven members are on (minus Kibum and Heechul) though, but I see teary moments and confessions etc etc. I haven’t had time to watch all the parts yet. Just part 1 and I REALLY WANT TO KEEP WATCHING! But no, exam calls -_- So you guys tell me what you think y/y?


  1. LOL. i watched this unsubbed but it was worth watching.
    i could feel the love. <33
    i especially liked the part they were teasing wook, hyuk, yesung and teuk. lol.

    • Aww dedicated much? I can’t watch these stuff unsubbed hahaha.

  2. awwwwwwwww <3 especially the parts where they were talking about their parents. it's so heart-warming that they care so much about them.
    I love Super Junior more and more

    • I’ve always loved SUju :D:D:D HAHA. But yea, they’re such sweet boys <3

  3. That old lady is so cute~ I’m just starting to watch. I hope the subs get done soon *~*

    • I already said this but the old lady is so cute! Especially when she was trying to figure out their group name XD “Super Joon” lol

      Lady notices the awards then Shindong shows off their Asia Awards gold bars, most of which they keep under the couch lol wtf Kangin (i think it was Kangin) asks “why would you keep something like that on the floor?” and Shindong goes “we have so many of them we use them as weights sometimes” because apparently the bars are heavy.

      JACKIE CHAN WITH SUJU LOL The boys talk about performing at the stadium and all that.

      They show cute old lady around the dorm, starting with YehWook’s room. Yeh goes, “actually, there are three of us here” and introduces DdangKkoMa (sp?) as a dog lol. Wook tells grandma that DdangKkoMa is really expensive. She’s all “…… wtf” at Yeh when she found out how expensive the turtle was! XD (I want one, tbh. I wanna name him Ferrari :D) Grandma is awesome, btw! She can do sit-ups right!

      Next (and last. Boo. They never go in KyuMin’s room!) is Hyuk’s room. Everyone is always amazed when they enter Hyuk’s room. I remember in Onlbam they had the same reaction. XD He has lots of manga. Dragonball! XDDD Hyuk is very OC. :D Grandma’s, like, “Man, if I had a daughter-in-law like this!” (Gdammit. I want his vanity table. But it’s not like I own any make-up lol) OMG LOL Hyuk reveals for the first time: a box of…. well, you should see for yourself :D

      Shindong shows grandma Hyuk’s mini photo album. He goes “That’s Eunhyuk’s gf!”, pointing at his noona XD A short family-related talk and then studio time.

      • ROFL. THanks for the essay. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I just finished watching it. Was awesome XDD

  4. the little lady is so lovely. lol Eunhyuk win with the water, Yeesung fail with the food! Ahh if I comment on every funny bit I’d take up half the page.

    • LOOOL. I KNOW! That is why Eunhyuk would be a good husband for me .__.

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