Posted by: lovediaries | June 14, 2009

090614 Inkigayo

Congratulations to 2NE1 on winning!! Is this their first win since debut? I think so…:).

2NE1: Fire – They’re back to performing in sneakers. Aw, I wanted to see them performing in heels again XD. Ew, I hate Dara’s hair D; And wtf is on CL’s back? She looks like she’s wearing a diaper from the side rofl. But t’was a great performance nonetheless. (Minji has a heck lot of energy. Srsly, she makes me feel so old and … lazy T__T)

2NE1: Winning & Encore – AHAHAHAHHA WTF IS HONGKI WEARING LOLOLOLOLOL XDDDD. Dawww Bom was very close to tears. She’s so pretty omg *_________*. Rofl @ CL during the encore, she like ran behind the back up dancers!? Lol idk XD.

2PM: Interview

2PM: I Hate You – JUNHO’S HAIR *O*. Their clothes are so much better here than in their “A&A” performances but lmao omg I can’t help but laugh every time it’s the chorus XDDD. Except UNFFFF I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE JUNSU :Q____________________. Taec looks like he’s gonna slap a bitch lmao I can’t take him seriously XD. And yummmm Chansung touching himself *_____*.

SHINee: Energy Song – AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA WTF LMAO I LOVE THESE AHAHAHAHA. Taemin is the environmentalist here, bashing up whoever is not being green. Key’s a tosser but lmao as if anyone just throws away a coffee cup like that XDD. Laughing forever at Minho just standing in front of the air-con XD. Jonghyun was sooo cute on his little bike omg. Dying. Poor Dubu didn’t get a scene though ._______________. cries.

SHINee: Juliette – They’re wearing their other album outfits. Why do they have such strange accessories around their necks T___T. I hate Jonghyun’s pants. Like, they’re very distracting and I just keep staring at his legs and … yeah :/. And HEYYYYYYYYY I just realised, Minho’s move after he finishes his rap is the exact same as Yunho’s blowing-feathers-from-palm move :D. Well I guess here, he’s blowing a kiss? Lol. D’aww ♥.



  1. i’m honestly thinking of moving to korea and becoming a stylist for korean boy bands..they are obviously in dire need of a sane one.
    i mean key’s hair with that shirt reminds me of a clown. seriously.
    and why is jong hyun wearing red and yellow plastic boomerangs around his neck?
    yesterday their clothes suddenly sprouted hair.
    and before that plastic bugs.
    the boys are all great performers but every performance i can only stare at their clothes and wonder what went wrong.

    today was a great performance though :) i love the cameramen on inkigayo

    p.s. when will super junior’s stylist let yesung dye his hair back to normal? i miss it. :(

    • I WANT THAT JOB TOO. And to measure their waist and fix their collars and tuft their hair omg *__* dream job right there~

      Yes, Inki cameramen are the best :)

  2. lol Hongki looks like a yellow ladybug, I love ladybugs but not his outfit. Congrats to 2NE1, they do have fire when they perform.

    • LADYBUG LMAO. He looks like those people on stupid children shows :/

  3. ROFL i totally agree w/ you on the “diaper” comment. XD

    they’ve worked really hard, so they deserve the win. but i still don’t really like the song, haha.

    hongki’s outfit reminds me of HOT’s “candy”.

    • Haha glad I’m not the only one xD. I’m glad YG are letting them on other music shows ~

  4. maybe the shooting took place right after Onew’s accident? that’s the reason he was MIA ;~;


  5. UGH Minji makes me feel old too ;_; And I’m only like a year older than her. I love when people do the splits D:

    I srsly really love SHINee’s engery song vid. Would have been better with Onew but. :[ I still really liked it. And not just because Taemin’s in like every shot. :]

    • I never could do the splits :(. It depresses me haha. I used to be flexible but now I’m old and I’ve just lost it T__T.

  6. 2PM:

    Ok they were still hot XD

    OMG WHAT JUNSU DID… (I really need to calm down with the caps but there is no oter way to express my exploding? feelings =( )

    Yeah taec looks too angry =_= it makes me laugh XD

    I love 2PM now, after this album.
    Especially Jae Beom <3.

    • Lmao I know how hot was that finger wipin’ mmmmm~

  7. gahh 2PM xDDDDDDDDD

    oh oh oh but but but D:
    park bom was just soooooooo cute xDDD :3

    • Yeah, she’s so adorable :3

  8. Only watched SuJu. @___@

    But LOL. Juliette hand movements and Minho’s blow-on-hand thing. :D -love-
    & LOL at Heechul cracking up at the end (in another version of the vid. ;D)

    • Watched SHINee. D:

      OMG, THE TIGHTS. -faints- ESP. THE CHECKERED ONES ON JONGHYUN. IS HE STARTING A FASHION REVOLUTION WITH THAT AND THE BOOMERANGS? D: [I love playing with the stretchy rubber spikey ball thing on Taemin :D]

      But I loved the performance. :) Esp. the closeup of Taemin at 2.36~7. D:
      … Does it look like Key has a black eye? O_O

      • THE BOOMERANGS REALLY HAD ME LOLing XD. But the zippers on his top are hot *O*. If only the were longer….

  9. i would like to express my total hateness to those
    uglyyyyyyyyyyyyy top-masks.

    i think only TOP could rock those.
    Junsu with it is just plain no-no. :(((((

    • Junsu isn’t too bad. Junho was just O.o no, bb, don’t XD.

  10. aigooya~ fav energy song :3
    Onew’s pants is not much different from Jonghyun’s ^^; and they are sweating a lot :O
    minzy, 15 y/o girl doing split and chest popping =awesomeness :D
    lol @ Hyuk’s Juliette XD

    • There’s another one! Not sure if it was on tonight’s inki or not but the photos were sooo cute!!

  11. ^ another one? soo, they made it 3 then :D
    hope this one will have onew in it, his cuteness shouldnt be left out XD

    • YES another one with little kids :3

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