Posted by: lovediaries | June 14, 2009

Preview Wonder Girls’ “Nobody” English Version

{credit: elaisfangirl @ youtube}

At first, I was a bit =.=” omg another version of this song T___T, but after hearing it, I don’t really mind~ (maybe cause it’s been ages since I’ve heard this song and because the WG have been pretty ~inactive~ for a while).

It’s Sunmi & Sohee’s part in this preview. And the lyrics as posted by kapuso7ako in the comments:

Sunmi: try to, to make me leave you
i know what you thinking,
baby why aren’t you listening how can i just,
just love someone else and forget you completely
when i know you still love me

Sohee: telling me your not good enough
my life with you is just too tough
yoo know its not right so, just stop and
come back boy, how can this be when we were meant to be

Pretty corny stuff when put into English haha but they’re sounding good :)


  1. LOL. i was waiting for the you/chu.
    i wonder if they’ll say ‘you’ or stick to ‘chu’ XD

    • Haha guess we’ll have to wait just a tad longer~

  2. I still don’t like Sohee’s English haha~

    • She still can’t sing, either XD

  3. Lol. How simple and…corny *shudders* But their english is ok, I guess that’s really why the lyrics are so simple haha.

    • Lmao but like we previously discussed, there are some things that will never change hehe

  4. wow, it’s so cheesy. XD
    i think sunmi’s english > sohee’s.

    (ROFL, i’m waiting for the “chu” or “you” too.)

    • I’m waiting for Yoobin’s rap, actually hehe~

  5. ahh I would be more convinced to look forward if the teaser contains portion of Yoobin’s rap ;D
    anyways good luck for the girls

    • Yeah! I’m excited to hear her rap :D/

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