Posted by: lovediaries | June 15, 2009

Preview 4 Minute’s “Hot Issue”

{credit: itsKPop @ youtube}

Tis a catchy song. Can’t say I’m terribly excited for their debut (how many girl groups have already debuted this year? That’s another 5 more names I’ll need to be learning orz.) but I will be looking forward to seeing their full MV and possibly a live performance.

TEASER FOR MV HERE. Another explosion of colour. Yay.

What do you guys think? I’m so sick of groups with numbers in their names, or just anything to do with numbers (even with my extreme love for pretty number patterns buahaha). And must every group count in their song and say their group name a gazillion times!? That just gets old after a while unless it’s Key and his sexy spelling of S-H-I-N-e-e. Just saying xP.

*busts out new tag anyway*


  1. okay so yeah I’ve been lazy so I’m gonna start commenting like usual now (:

    I can’t say I’m tired of it yet – I think it’s great to have new groups coming out but yeah maybe too many girls :DDDD i already have like ten million names to remember. Don’t you feel like it’s the same thing over and over? Like the name, title of the song, clothing, song, everything. at least come up with something exciting :) But I’m still gonna wait for the MV and their live. idkk maybe they’ll be better than expected.

    • Haha yay, I’ve missed you and your coments :3.

      Srsly, not enough active testosterone in Korea atm XDD.

  2. Would it kill them to add an “s” after “4 minute” T___T

    I can’t say i’m terribly excited for their debut, cos um, wth is candy-funky?!

    • lol i was gonna say the same thing. it’s hard to say their name without feeling mentally retarded or a fob. yea the song isn’t fantastic. don’t really like the new girl groups anyways that includes 2ne1. can’t wait till snsd releases something new. tiffany/yuri yum?

      • Aw, but 2NE1 are so fierce >:D

    • you have no idea how much i agree on the name.
      i can’t mention it without people looking at me like i slept through all my years of grammar class D:

      • lmao well we know who has slept through their years of grammar class xD

    • Yes it would because they are Korean rofl

  3. Dear People-Who-Want-To-Debut, plz to be not using numbers in your name ‘coz it’s going to be a pain to search in YT and Google DX

    Hm. I don’t really know what to think of it yet. :\

    • I know, what happened to having normal names like Dong Bang Shin Ki? XDD.

  4. I think that’s weird it’s “4 minute” and they are five. haha~

    Super catchy song. I like it a lot! Yeah names to learn, and they are easy to mess up. (I still don’t know SS501 members names :D…)

    I loooveeeee Key’s sexy spelling too! ♥
    s h i i i n double E! you gonna get it to my ride, RIDE! (and that sexy “Hum hum? Listen girrrrl” from Gee!)

    4Minute, forgive me to talk about SHINee in your post.

    • I know, and the song isn’t even 4 minutes long lmao xD. Key’s English always makes me like their songs just a tad more~ As if them being SHINee isn’t enough already haha.

  5. same style, same catchy songs, more girl groups.
    I miss WG :(

    • You’ll be seeing their American debut soon :/

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