Posted by: beckery | June 15, 2009

Super Junior “It’s you” MV – Dance Version

Credit: HyukGem @ youtube

Although, it’s a bit late, I knew they would eventually release a dance version. I still find the stalking/walking dog/whatever you call move pretty funny lol. But man, look at all the leg and arm work involved. Not to mention all the pops. Good stuf for sure.

So, who’s going to start learning the dance? Candychu




  2. WELL. Now I have another project to do ^________^

    • LOL. Show us when you’re done :P

  3. lol anyone see heechul sneak in from behind? the way he likes to. the dance is not as catchy as sorry sorry though, but the song is on par. and did kibum die? i guess he didnt really need to learn the dance since he wasn’t going to perform.

    • I did!! Yea I liked Sorry Sorry dance more. But I like this song more haha.

  4. I’ve been waiting for this since the day I saw the leaked version <3 MUCH LOVE. Altogh the first time I was watching I only followed Donghae & Eunhyuk and and had to rewatch it few times to catch what the others where doing. When I saw Heechul I was all WTH? How did he got there? lol

    It's going to take a lot of time to learn this XD

    • I knew it would come out, just thought it was a bit too late lol. Yea with all Suju stuff, I have to watch a few times to see everyone lol XD

  5. ahhh, Hyuk with his awesome slick moves *__*
    sooo diggin his outfit the most

    • I dig Hyuk the most, full stop HAHA XD

  6. i had to backtrack four pages TT__TT

    • LOl what for?

  7. fiuhhh
    i have been waiting days and days for this dance version vid
    thx so much

    • It’s ok :D

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