Posted by: beckery | June 16, 2009

SS501 Solo Collection – HyunJoong’s Teaser

Credits: hoonfami @ youtube

Leader’s song is called “Please be nice to me”. Phew, I was thinking they’d have “Man Up” next or something hahaha. Since it’s only a minute, I can’t really say much about the song, except HyunJoong’s and KyuJong’s song sounds the same to me. LOL. I’m so brain dead zzz..

PAS’s lover boy Leader looks damn fine though *____* All sorts of fierce and sexy and emo and hot put together. Especially when he knelt down on the ground!!! Oh oh and he keeps whipping his jacket half way down (like how Hyuk does it in “It’s you” performances) to show off his arms. ZOMG. <3333


  1. Fierce.

    I like this song better than Kyu’s and the guyliner is less distracting.
    Lol this must be rather shocking to the people who found HJ in BoF and still see him as Ji Hoo. XD

    • Very very fierce. I like fierce boys. Kyu’s full song turned out ok actually. I just couldnt’ stand the wuss up part rofl.

  2. ITS 4.40 AM. ARE YOU AWAKE?

    • Loool. I feel asleep till 1 for my “power nap” when I was suppose to be awake at 12. And now its 6am and I can’t sleep yet. ;________; PAINFUL

  3. HOMG it’s hyunjoong being all sexy like. *_____*

    i didn’t watch BOF and i don’t follow ss501, so the only time i’ve seen him was in WGM being all faily w/ hwangbo, haha. (they were my favourite.) what a difference – i freaking love it!!

    • HE IS SO HOT *________*

      I didn’t finish BOF :/ LOL but WGM was awesomeee. My favourite is still Anbi though :D

  4. dang…. he looks good w/ eyeliner <33

    • I knowwww. Guyliner is hottt

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