Posted by: pinkandsparkly | June 16, 2009

SS501 Solo Collection – KyuJong’s Teaser

Video: hoonfami @ Youtube

KyuJong’s solo – “Wuss Up”

So the SS501 boys are all releasing solos, and I think they’re combining the solos into a 20 minute mv? (correct me if I’m wrong, I’ve been heaps behind on SS501 news :( ). From what I remember, the concept is meant to be “assasins”, and they go around in hot cars playing with guns and looking angsty :D Love it.

Do we love the eyeliner? Idk, while I love it on certain people (TOP *__*) I think KyuJong might’ve gone a little too far with it. He looked really good with it in “U R Man” but hmmm, there’s a fine line between sexy guyliner and drag XD. BUT IT’S OKAY, COS I STILL LOVE HIM <33333333

I’m really looking forward to what the other boys’ HYUNJOONG, MY LOVE songs will be like :DDD KyuJong’s sounds very catchy…

LOLs forever at the song title. WTH IS WUSS UP?! XDDDDDDDDDDD. It’s either “wassup” or “what’s up” T____T.  I’m picturing a wuss being tossed up….though Bec interpreted it as the opposite of telling someone to “man up”. Any other interpretations?


  1. WUSS UP PAS!! No, no, not “wassup” or “what’s up”, it’s WUSS UP!!!



    You gotta love Kpop for their awesome engrish.

    Wuss up bb XP (It’s like the opposite of “man up”, get it hahahaha *clutches stomach*)


      • T__________________T WUSS UP, LAMEFACE :DDDD

        • Seriously






          • Seriously







            • You know, if you pull an all nighter you might just be able to go to exams tomorrow looking like Kyujong. Except your eyeliner would be dark circles.

              • You know, if I don’t pull an all nighter, pretty sure I’ll not be alive to even look like Kyujong. I fail tmr’s exam and I will go jump off a cliff. Do not want to study all over again for the supp!

                • If you need a hand when it comes to jumping off that know i’d be happy to give you that little extra push ;)

                  • Aww how sweet of you, I feel the love bb. I’ll definitely borrow your hand, cuz I’m pulling you down with me. ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM!!

                    • Off topic but…SHOULDN’T YOU BE STUDYING?!?

  2. LOL. SHOULDN’T YOU? You’re on Imop which means you’re not exactly studying hardcore XP

    It’s ok all nighter tonight and tmr (for Biom) and the day after (for 3050). Kylie is doing all nighter too (I think? Well she said she would) Are you? :DD

    • Look. I blame it ALL on YOU! I just can’t seem to concentrate that well. And I can’t seem to study hardcore anymore ><

      I don't know if I'll be able to survive 2 all-nighters in a row. I might have a 3 hour nap each day. And I don't think 3050 deserves an all-nighter, because that's just…crazy.

      Why aren't you studying hardcore?

  3. Ergh, my reply didn’t go through. Anyways, I’m sort of studying, I was just taking a break (a big break). I can’t seem to study hardcore anymore, but why aren’t you studying hardcore?

    I don’t think I can survive 2 all-nighters in a row. Might take a 2-3 hour nap. And 3050 doesn’t even deserve an all-nighter.

  4. I THOUGHT IT WAS WUSS UP (being opposite of man up) AS WELL!

    I want Horseface’s solo right now. I’ve been slow on SS501 too, I STILL LOVE YOU GUYS but I can only afford to follow one fandom right now and One Day just won

    • one day is always winning

      • SS501 and other people used to win

        • exactly, used to. hehe.

  5. Whoa this is such a good idea. Also, I’m realizing my bias doesn’t completely cloud my judgement b/c Kyu has been my fav. for a looong time, but, um, I think I hate this song. Of course it’s only a preview so there could be more to the chorus, but the repetitive “WUSS UP!!!” isn’t doing it for me.
    Still excited though! <3333

  6. HAHAHA his guyliner reminds me of ancient egyptian makeup. O_______O

    speaking of studying… heh heh. X))) good luck on your exams!!

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