Posted by: lovediaries | June 17, 2009

090615 SHINee Interview

{credit: cchungalung @ youtube}

This was a really cute interview. Onew ♥. It wasn’t until this video that I realised I hadn’t actually seen a fancam (yet) of his reaction when they won #1 on their MuBank Comeback, but I quickly found a video and lolomg Onew was hilarious the way he went O.O, looks around, stares into space, smiles and then breaks down into tears. He mentions dislocating his teeth – I still don’t get how that’s possible. And they all talk about how Onew is clumsy <33. The interviewer asks if Jonghyun cries a lot and he says no he doesn’t, just when he does, he can’t hold back. Key is asked about his journal rofl. His laugh at 4.17 omg *__*, I think I fell in love again. ♥♥. Minho says like one line in this entire interview and diverts the attention onto Taemin who then talks about looking like Heechul!! (Even though I think he’s been looking less and less like Heechul haha)

See what a good interview this was!?

I love their clothes here. What’s wrong with performing in these clothes!?


  1. I really love it when Shinee kind of puts down the “PR notecards” and gives real interviews. So cute. They look so laid back.^^
    Yes Onew is extremely un-co and it’s lovely. Makes me feel better about my own fail. Jonghyun is a walking contradiction: so manly one second, wailing like a banshee the next. Huh?
    Key is woman. That is all.


    • LMAO I KNOW EH. It’s like, what, why are you so sexy on stage and then you win and you’re like a mess XD.

  2. I rarely even look at myself on the mirror wtf.

    HALOO, 2MIN. :D

    • We fail as girls, srsly.

  3. um, did my comment go through? :/

    • D; did wp delete it T___T.

  4. LOL Key wouuuld carry a mirror.

    • Of course he would xD.

  5. hear hear! they need to perform in some nice clothes, one without bugs and toooo many blings blings *__*
    just my opinion hehe~

    yup, this interview is great!
    aww~ onew’s too cute and minho talks little.
    and i didn’t notice how similar taemin and heechul looks until today XD

    thnx for uploading this!

    • In the Music Bank perf, they were wearing casual clothes and STILL had bugs hanging off omg T__T.

      And no problem, I’m only sharing what other people have uploaded :).

  6. i <3 the interview! how bling listed all his bawling moment and they just said yep you did cry a lot. then key defending his honey awwwwwwww

    taem is becoming less and less like heenim. but weird, i find heenim is becoming more and more like taemin, lol

    • YEAH LMAO. Oh, Jonghyun ♥.

      HAHA rly? I think I get what you mean though. Like the bowlcut he had and stuff xP.

  7. well for shinee, I HAVE to re-comment then :D

    d’awww his laugh, his smile, his gest ure, all did in non seductive way really bring out the old pure-sweet-adorable-cute himself :DDD
    see Key, you won me over again after being trapped in Onew’s circle of charms these days ;D


  8. ^ HOMG YES OF COURSE! It’s my ultimate OTP along with HoSu and EunHae :DD/

    • HOMG YOU ROCK. I’m like EunHae, KyuMin and OnKey *O*. SO MUCH LOVE, I TELL YOU.

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