Posted by: pinkandsparkly | June 17, 2009

2PM’s Vogue Girl Scans

Pictures: 2PM-Online



KHUN HAS MOOBS. (second to last pic)



Click to enlarge :D



  1. Why, hello there Chansung. I hope you don’t mind if I RAEP YOU.

    Also, shadows have some crazy effects. Khun looks like he’s a C.

  2. Junsu is a gurl. O:

    Lol Taec.

    Chansung, are you sure you are magnae?

  3. anyone else think the dead bird is funny?

  4. Junho said he’ll reveal his abs at the latter month of this year, i’m waiting *__*

  5. asdndf apparently Chansung doesn’t know what a zipper is, but I’m not complaining x_x and I won’t lie when I say, Taecyeon’s neck has me thinking thoughts Jesus would dissaprove of. What’s weird is that I just had a dream today of waking up with Jaebum lying like that, awesome psychic seeing powers! except the picture is missing me. Wholey boobs Khun, someone should hire a new photoshopper, cause A-cups aren’t meant to be on Khun.

  6. can i say the F word? HOOOT 2 the 10000000000000 degree o.O

    Chan-chan you’re effing hot :) i wish you never zip your shirt and pants XD

    Khunnie is innocent no more hahaha xD

    looove you 2pm :) you all so hot and fine looking! major nosebleed here!

  7. Lol Jae is such a ho.
    Jk,jk maybe…It’s just that his poses always seem so much more provocative than the others.

    Junsu is looking hotter than usual. He makes me think bad thoughts. Chansung on the other hand makes me want to go camp out in a confessional. And I’m not even Catholic. Why bebey why?!

    Junho’s shorts amuse me. As does Taec’s dead bird.

  8. Khun’s body does not match with his faceXDDD
    He has such a baby face :D.

    lol they look pretty good though.

  9. This photoshoot is really random, Jay’s like holding antlers and there are angel statues and stuffed birds and ladders and piano beds…

    That said, IT’S STILL PRETTY HOT. I assume Chansung’s “diet” worked.

  10. i wasn’t a big fan of chansung when they first came out on hot blood. BUT OMG HIS PANTS ARE SUCH TEASERS. i’m starting to like his appearance more haha. i think i just have a thing for junsu’s, cuz i love both from 2PM and dbsk :D

    LOL at candychu’s comment about khun’s moobs. so true though. they should do more of these shoots…

  11. im not approving the short pants, but chansung’s oh my yum YUM!
    yay for the oldest maknae in idol world
    but… is that gladiator sandal he’s wearing?

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