Posted by: lovediaries | June 17, 2009

Laugh of the Day – SHINee Juliette Parody

HOMG AHAHAHA ROFLMAO. laflor “shamelessly” plugged this to me, does this mean you made this, bb? and yes I still have two more exams to study for but if I found time to watch this, you guys can too!

{credit: JaliMonkey @ youtube}

This is like Misheard Lyrics which actually make senses! Very clever :D. The plot is that they’re all fighting for the same girl? Basically, THEY BITCH ABOUT EACH OTHER. “When we’re home, I should tell you, Key wears high heels.” “Forgot to mention that his briefs are pink with heeeeeeeeearts” “Not my hearts!” were some of my favourite parts but the absolute *CLUTCH STOMACH AND LMAO* part was the ending omg “Taemin still wets the bed” “Minho was born a girl” “Jonghyun shaves his back” “Taemin shaves his legs” “KEY HAS NOTHING TO SHAVE!” LOLOL.

Now I will forever sing the song as “Oh Juliette! Talk to me when you’re done for the day“.


  1. ROFLOLMAOOO~ “JulHo” pairing! haha
    if only I could dl it then I’ll never watch the original mv anymore XDD

    • Lmao parodies always make you forget about the original meanings haha.

  2. HAHAHAAA!!!
    I saw that video two days ago! I love THIS part, even more with the fake lyrics :DD :
    “Jonghyun shaves his back” “Taemin shaves his legs” “KEY HAS NOTHING TO SHAVE!”

    • YEAH LMAO that was my absolute fav part XD

    THAT WAS SO FUNNY!!! OMG!!! *dying*
    LOL the “Mom. you are a jerk, you stole the cheese” was SO RANDOM!! XD
    wow!! i want to hug whoever made that!!

    • HAHA I know, I was thinking where’d the cheese come from? XD

  4. “im gonna be honest i’ll probably send you to jail”
    LMAO!!!! so true jailbait! warning to us, noona
    i laugh so hard it hurt, omg the shave part!

    • I’ve been to jail multiple times already, thanks to Taemin T__T.

  5. HAHA how random is the middle where they’re like “mom you’re such a jerk, you ate all the cheese (jonghyun: ooooh the cheese)” i was like wth??? but the whole thing is so hilarious haha and the shaving part! i like how taemin yells that key has nothing to shave. so creative

    • “Oooh the cheese” and Jonghyun is like so into the singing as well. Haha yeah, it was full in caps and everything lmao.

  6. this was soo funnyyy! XD i love it

    • It was so good <33

  7. Yes it’s one of mine.^^ ILCandySMforeva! for posting it.

    • D’aww that was brilliant bb. You should be proud <3333

    • YAY :D/ And ILLAFLORSMFOREVER for making this~

  8. ingenious!

  9. OMG! This is so hilarious! XDDDD “Key has no hair to shave.” lol Ahh. Good laugh of the day.

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