Posted by: lovediaries | June 17, 2009

Preview Yunho’s Solo – Checkmate CD Version

Thanks to AMShakeIt for the heads up <333!

{credit: farahmicky8 @ youtube}

I think like with Junsu’s, I prefer this solo over his “Spokes Man” from the “O” Tour (even with Donghae rapping xD). This has “fresher” beats? Lol idk :/. And I find it sexier too~ Love the “Checkmate” you hear in the bg and the “STOP! *pause* Hu~” part. It’s less retarded when you actually listen to it!!! But LOLOL DID I HEAR HIM SAY “SEX GAME”!?!?!??!?


  1. Um. Wow. That was sexy. I absolutely love this song <3. I definitely know what I'm gonna be listening to on repeat now bwahahaha.

    That ending with the crazy falsetto…YUNHO. WUT. WHEN DID YOU ACTUALLY USE FALSETTO IN SONGS? It sounded on par Jaejoong's falsetto in "Whatever They Say". O_O

    Wth. Isn't he supposed to be bass? XD

    • Yes he is but lmao, think about his rap in “Purple Line”. That…wasn’t very bass-like xD.

  2. this one has nice beats comparing to spokesman, which i only ever watched the vid once just for the sake of yunhae performing together

    • Yeah lmao, it being a YunHae song might’ve been why I actually listened to it XD

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