Posted by: lovediaries | June 17, 2009

SS501 Solo Collection – Hyungjoon’s Teaser

bec is cramming for her 4th exam in a row, poor bb, and pas has unstable net, so here I am procrastinating – what else is new – and doing a post on SS501 which is as rare as the others doing SHINee haha. Anyway!

{credit: hoonfami @ youtube}

Hyungjoon’s song is called “Hey G”. There is a girl singing, some boy & girl dancing, a thigh, lots of leg, an adam’s apple and black nail polish. Oh and Hyunjoong holding a gun hehe. Which I can’t really take seriously xP. The song is pretty sexy~


  1. haha, i can’t take it seriously either. and somehow, the girl’s voice kinda gets on my nerves. O_____O

    but doesn’t the ending remind you of strongbaby? XDD

    • Lol idk, I just hope not all babies of idol groups are gonna start turning all sexed up :(

  2. *sigh* Another installment of Maknae’s Gone Wild. I’m not a crazy obsessive fan, but why is that leggy girl in there? The song itself is okay judging from the first listen though.

    Taemin had better not go all “strong baby” on us. My poor heart can’t take another one. ^.T

    • “that leggy girl” HAHAHAH.

      Omg, if Taemin goes all “strong baby” I would die. T_T.

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