Posted by: beckery | June 18, 2009

2PM’s Message to Ewhaian

Credit: Madam2PMsubs @ youtube

Short clip, but hilarious as always. When are they ever serious and not being dorkilicious? Lol. Taec pushing Jay out to bust some silly dance moves, Jay and Junsu harmonising and Jay ending with “we’re not an acapella group though” haha, oh yea? I didn’t realise that XP Oh and look at Khun and Junho, they’re so cute lajdflkjaljfdslsla. <33


  1. *pops out of nowhere*



      • LOOOOOOL <3

  2. NOOOO, KHUN. Your arms are for meeee T__T

    • NO WAY. MINE

  3. ROFL. they’re very entertaining~
    joking all the time, its a very relaxing sight :)

    • They’re AWESOME. I love these guys cuz they never seem to be boring XD

  4. LOL that was awesome. haha i love jay’s dance moves, they represent their performances so well :) junsu’s harmoization <3333

    • Jay bb is such a dork. I love it XD

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