Posted by: beckery | June 18, 2009

Preorder Dongwan’s 1st Live Concert DVD

IT’S FINALLY RELEASED!!!!!!!! DONGWAN ♥♥♥♥♥ Omg, I miss Shinhwa so so so much ;____;


It includes 2 DVDs of the concert and behind the scene stuff, a poster and a photobook. Release date is like tomorrow? or the 22nd. Just in time as well, cuz it can be a present to myself for failing finishing my exams :D And yes, I’m definitely grabbing a copy cuz this is the only thing that will help me thru another year without him ;_;

Some photos from the photobook under the cut. Oh adorable Dongwan, how I miss you so <3

Credits: Yoenin + Six Senses + Shinhwa Philippines +


  1. WAAAAAAAAAHH!!! I miss Dongwan and his miley dorky face!!!!!!!! *clings to bec*

    • *clings back to you*

      I MISS HIM SO SO SO SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH ;________________;

  2. ahh so tempting.. but I havent even finish watching their 2006 Japan Concert ^^;

    • HAHA. 2006?!! Lol. I’ve got all their concert dvds and have seen all of them a bunch of times. I think I’ve seen their 10th anniversary one 6 times or someshit. No joke. I love them :(

  3. sorry does DVDheaven ship to australia?

    • Yea, it does :D I’m from Australia too! lol

      • coolio thanks :D

  4. lol you gotta watch this!

    • I’ve seen this bb. :D

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