Posted by: beckery | June 18, 2009

Royal Pirates – Again & Again + I Hate You Cover

Credit: fadingfromdawn @ youtube

Thanks Kara for the heads up <3

I knew they would eventually do a 2PM cover, so was waiting for this :DD I wanted “Again and Again” to be a bit longer but it’s ok “I Hate You” was awesome as well. I love how Sooyoon is smashing the drums like there’s no tomorrow haha. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, these boys need to sign a contract already!!!


  1. omg amazing! I want to see 2PM dance or jam to this rock version, really really loved Hate You! Moonchul’s voice when he says “now I’m crying”, sigh. Hopefully a 2AM cover is in the works too!

    • Yeaaaaa. They should do a joint stage!! That would pawn. And omg a 2AM cover please!

  2. Actually, I think they HAVE been signed already. ^_^ Their EP is coming out in the fall–at least, that’s what I’ve heard.

    • Ohh is it? Thanks for telling me. Can’t wait for it :D

  3. Moonchul’s so cute looking and he has such a nice voice<3
    Soonyoon can easily be one of those people in the screaming rock bandsXD

    Can't wait for their professional works.

    • I know, I cant wait. It’ll be awesome

  4. ;adjfkldasf;kds WHO ARE THEY!?!?
    they are soo ahmazing
    I LOVE THE SINGER… i think his name is moonchul?
    he doesn’t look soobad either~~~~~~~~~~~


      You deefo gotta try them out XD

  5. nigamipda, wonderful! i like it even more than their sorry2.
    maybe because the beat fit for rock sounds
    lmao, i have no idea taec’s rap can turn into trash rock

    • I dont know what my favourite from them are, cuz they’re awesome like that haha

  6. my fav from them is still Nobody, but this one is great too, nonetheless :D
    the vocalist looks slightly like minhwan+jaejin combined rofl

    • Ohhh Yea Nobody was definitely a good one!

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