Posted by: beckery | June 19, 2009

090619 Jaebeom’s interview with Lady Gaga

Credit: Jenny891025 @ youtube

Interview starts at 2.50. Awwwww Jay bb is SUPER nervous here LOOL. It’s sorta awkward, but really endearing seeing him like this. XDD All his “that’s cool”, “wow”, “really?” was really cute haha. Lady Gaga seems super nice here too. Not the biggest fan of hers, but she definitely has some good songs in her pocket :D


  1. INTERESTING *_________*

  2. I guess Lady Gaga isn’t very fond of pants. Poor Jay. XD♥ He’s all nervous~~~
    Uh, Lady Gaga? I think it’s not really a good idea to ask JAEBEOM– of all people– what that shirt says XD
    He keeps going “wow” “that’s crazy” “cool”… XDDD Definitely starstruck!

    Jay: Do you know any Korean artists?
    Lady G: You~
    Jay: .////.!

    lol so cute~ He said so little for an interviewer XD♥

    • ROFL. Lady Gaga has..unique taste in clothes XP Lol yea, he’s totally star struck and uber nervous. It’s so cute XD

  3. the funny thing is, it seemed like at the beginning he ALMOST forgot the name of the show he was doing it for! LOLOL. Mnet celebrity uhm.. news… and “it’s just some random korean letters” — had me rolling on the floor! i’d be scared nervous too if someone wearing THAT was beside me! lady gaga so diva!

    • ROFL. He did! He’s such a dorface. Stuttering like no tomorrow. And he totally fails lol. I wouldn’t be surprised if the words actually meant something, but he just didnt know haha

  4. I keep thinking Lady Gaga would fly away with her sleves, very unique, I liked her stripped down version of Just Dance. Jaebeom did his best and it made me happy, ahh he’s so cute nervous and what not, but yeah the interview was…nice.

    • ROFL. “would fly away with her sleeves” HAHAHAHA. THAT IS GOLD! She’s a unique person isnt she? Jay is cute when he’s blabbering XD

  5. LOL!!!!!!!! Jay!! awwwwww he was so nervous and “oh…that’s crazy” killed me!!
    its cool that he got to interview her! :D
    and its nice to hear actual english instead of engris for a change :D even though i love hearing engris

    • English is good. Jay’s fail english is even better. XDDD HAHA

  6. Lol this interview was sooo cute.
    But it made me feel awkward and a little uncomfortable, does anyone understand what I am saying?

    Anyone knows why he got picked? probably because of his english? XD

    He kinda ummm seemed intimidated by her? lol

    Can someone clarify to me what he says at the end: “Can you say something to all your (white???) fans.”

    Is that what he said or am I imagining o.O

    • He said “wide” fans, haha. As in, multi-cultural and not just her normal fanbase. XP

      Jaebeom was so nervous. I swear he was sweating during the interview. But that’s ok Leader-sshi, I think I would cower in the corner if Lady Gaga was talking to me. Her music is cool, but her apparel looks like it’ll eat me in no time. XD

      • FYI
        “wide” fan
        “wide” in here mean the name of the program

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