Posted by: lovediaries | June 19, 2009

Listen to…Outsider – Alone

{credit: jaeuraznmv1 @ youtube}


This guy is amazing omg. You don’t have to watch the performance, but seriously LISTEN TO THE SONG. Or even just fast forward to 1.20 and go from there. The lyrics can’t even keep up with him lmao.

The song is really nice too – I love the violins ♥.


  1. That’s pretty impressive.

    P.S You obviously have not heard Leehom rap in Beside the Plum Blossum. 295 words in 50 seconds bb. XP

    • This guy probably did 300 words in 30 seconds :P

  2. haha this guy is great. does he have a new album ;D i liked his ‘like a man’ song it’s fast rap aswell. but if you get the chance watch the mv a guaranteed lol when he hits the woman with a bottle..

    • Um, I don’t know much about him actually haha but I will check out this “Like A Man” song since a few of you mentioned it.

  3. this is the first time I’ve heard about this guy so can you imagine the first impression he gave me! I wonder if what he rapped was comprehensible though, I wouldn’t know.

    • Idk, it’s hard to tell cause even when I talk fast, people are like “come again?” XD.

  4. :O *jawdropswideopen*
    that was impressive!! yes it was…..

  5. I love Outsider’s new album esp. this song.

    In his other song Like A Man (I think that’s what it’s called) omg the last 10 seconds are the craziest I have ever heard.

    • I will have to look for his other songs…

  6. Intro remind me of Haru Haru.
    How can he rap so fast? He must be so good at speedy word game ^_^


  7. woah :OO
    the bg music sounds so lovely, complimenting the fast paced rap

    • I know eh! I love when there’s rapping accompanied by lovely, slow, bg music~

  8. wow, what a coincidence ! my friend introduced me to him a couple of days ago but i never caught the title of the song :) wowowowow, he’s fast :0

    • Ooh~ Coincidence indeed :D. Yes this guy is amazing, I need to follow him more!

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