Posted by: lovediaries | June 19, 2009

SNSD 2nd Mini Album Teaser – Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)

{credit: zippomaru1 @ youtube}

O_________________________O? According to the video title, it features Yoochun? Seriously? It doesn’t sound like him lol except for the fobbiness and it doesn’t say so in any of the other videos, so I’m guessing it’s not true? :S.

The teaser is reeeeeeeeeally pretty, I love all the colours and images in it (the catwalk looks sooo tacky haha but in a cute way). Definitely a change in concept from “Gee”.


  1. yay!! can’t wait for their comeback :D teh doll at 0:12 is scary shit though,,

  2. yay!! can’t wait for their comeback :D the doll at 0:12 is scary shit though,,

    • Lmao everything else was nice though~

  3. It sounded more like Minho for some reason.

    Dammit. Why do they have nice legs? T_T

    • Oh…rly? Hey, at least you’re petite T__T.

      • Well, Yoochun’s English doesn’t differ from Minho’s anyway. Never mind their constant pimping of his so-called English skills. haha~

        Petite is only a more polite term for “short”. And being short isn’t exactly a good thing u___u

        • No you could be a ball – short and round, but you’re not :).

  4. Maknae look really different…sooooo hot…

    • She’s still sorta awkward though ^^;;

  5. i don’t think it’s yoochun’s voice too .. definitely not him cuz the voice is much older compared to yoochun’s ..

    With 2NE1 and 4 Minute, it’ll be very competitive ..

    looking forward to it ^^

    • Lol well, SNSD do have an established fan club already.

  6. omg they look amazing and for once I’m actually looking forward to this! hopefully the lyrics don’t turn me off but I doubt it.

    • Lol yeah the engrish is already making me cringe .. hope the rest is better xD

  7. amazing! so excited for their comeback!

    • I wanna know who this guy is >:|

  8. I don’t think its YooChun, isn’t he the only one in DBSK that came from the US? Or did I totally misread the info. I’d think he’d be better in english, but don’t mind me. I’m no hardcore cassie XD

    Soshi are moving really fast, I’m still not over Gee and now they have a new mini, man I can’t wait. Its sounds really good. They’re going for the sexy appeal now? I’m a girl so I don’t dig it as much as others *cought*the guys*cough*would, but hopefully its a success.

    • Yes, YooChun is the only one that came from the US. But his english is horrible =_=

      • LMAO. Yeah, as Abdul said, Yoochun’s english is horrible, despite coming from the US XD.

  9. *__________* soshi
    i ♥ sooyoung. <3 and taeyeon looks really great. :D

    • I hope to see more of Hyoyeon, tbh xD.

  10. That is super cool even for a girl. I heard like “SoOne Mal hae bwa”, that is fan club name.
    They want their fans to tell the wish?

    Ah Yoona’s hair is so short but still looks good

  11. I just went back from Soompi SNSD Thread.
    THey say there will be Jessica and Onew duet :D
    in this mini album.

    • Yeah, I read. lkajdlsalsjf can’t help but feel a little jealous lmao. Dubu :3.

  12. wow cool teaser *__*
    lol @ the english narration XD

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