Posted by: beckery | June 21, 2009

090620 Super Junior’s Goodbye Stage @ Music Core

Credit: CodeMonmonSeason2 @ youtube

;_______________; Goodbye stage already?!!?!?! It feels like they haven’t performed “It’s You” enough and haven’t won enough awards for it (lol) *sobs*. MORE PLEASE? ._. Well I guess we get tomorrow’s Inki goodbye stage to look forward to anyone think Kibum will magically appear? and their upcoming concerts XD

Anyways, they performed “It’s You” and “Sorry Sorry” and it was awesome as always. THEY LOOK SO FRIGGIN HOT IN THEIR SUITS *GLOMP GLOMP* Bowties everywhere and I totally dig what Donghae and Eunhyuk are wearing (my bias, sue me XP) ♥_♥ Though, I would like to make a formal complaint about the fact that THERE WAS NOT ENOUGH CHEST PUMPS!!! DDD;

Oh and that banner at the end says “we love you, thank you. We’ll remember you.” (By juicyblueberry in youtube comments). THAT IS SO SWEET <333333


  1. I’m so depressed T-T

    • I am too :( And you should be studying!

  2. I miss them already, even though there’s one last performance :(

    And it’s Ryeowook’s birthday today! Saengil chukha hamnida <3

    • Yea. It felt like they only did promotions for a short while ;_;

  3. Did anyone else think that Yesung’s adlib at 1:07 sounded…off?

    Otherwise…TEARING UP AT THE BANNER. That was so sweet! And Eunhyuk’s boy to the audience and Siwon’s wink…<3<3<3

    • Bow. I meant bow, not boy. Bah, I can’t speak English lolololol

    • i do think yesung’s note was off key too. D:
      this really made me sad ;_; well, i’m still sad about it. D:

      the banner was pure love~

      • The banner was very sweet. And yea I think Yesung was a tad off lol. Aww that boy never failed but made a slight blip at the last performance. It’s ok, we still love him <3

  4. I just just want to see them together on the stage !_!
    That is so sadddddd
    Please come back soon ..

    Happy Birthday Wookiee

    • WE’ve still got their concert to look forward too. It will be ok!! CONCERT DVD PLEASE XD

  5. I am very depressed. Emphasis on VERY. Especially since they didn’t win their 13th award before promotions ended. It’s totally a sign, people. T__T

    • Everyone is VERY depressed right with you bb <3

  6. still praying and hoping there will be a reality show featuring all the boys. suju comeback is not complete without one

    • Oh I’m definitely with you there. Something as epic as Full House or EHB would be awesome XD

  7. woah two story stage :O
    love wook’s harmonisation at the end and that’s very sweet of them :’)

    • Lol I thought it was a bit awkward dancing on the blocks actually haha

  8. Dude I was so worried that some of them were going to fall off while dancing on those blocks D: And uhh, Ryeowook looks kinda tired while dancing to It’s You, but his attitude seems to have picked up during Sorry Sorry? haha idk

    Jeez, this video made me sad ;___;
    Not enough It’s You promotions! ):

  9. HUH??..goodbye stage already?? but I only saw about 2 mv’s they have made?? huhuhu… anyways.. I will really miss them soooooooooo much!! I hope they will perform again soon, together!! I LOVE SUJU!!! SUJU FIGHTING!!! ^_^

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