Posted by: beckery | June 21, 2009

Laugh of the day -2PM “I Hate You” MV on Starking

Credit: yanaftwtwo @ youtube

It’s 2.30am here and I really should either be sleeping or studying, but whatever, 2PM >>>>>> over both any day XP. The boys are totally having a blast with the computer program XD It’s sorta like a program that distorts their faces and loool at all of them being big, fat idiots! <3 I was actually managing fine until Junsu fully pushed his face in HAHAHAHAAHA. Omg priceless. Oh and Kang Ho Dong looks ecstatic about the whole thing  hahaha. ^__^


    how many idols could do this without worrying about ruining their image
    it’s nice that the boys are actually enjoying themselves instead of being embarrassed
    and seriously junsu killlllllled me

    ahh i love when idols throw away their image

    • I agree x 100000000000000

      This is why I pimp their fandom! They’re an awesome bunch who will never ever bore you cuz they’re so crazy and CRAZY XD



  3. Yay Junsu had his dorky time on t.v!! hopefully he gets more, and yeah I was fine until Junsu came in, did not expect that. Uuh made my day :)

    • Made my day too :D

  4. Taec should have been there, the eyebrow action would have been crazy

    • OMG YES PLEASE!!! I didnt even realise he was missing .___. haha

  5. Hahahahaa….
    Yeah Junsu’s part broke me down too XD
    I was wondering if you guys saw this from the same show:

    • Thanks, I’ll watch it now :D

  6. Lololol PRICELESS.
    If only they make it longer xp

    • Definitely. Lol

  7. lol!

    woah, thanks for sharing.
    if only, all 7 were there = TOTALLY CRACK!!!
    i was already cracking up before junsu, & after khun & him & jaebeom came on, i was totally crying while laughing!

    love them SO MUCH.

    • Yea, I wanted more boys .___. They make my day for reals :D

  8. ahhh this really got me laughing like crazy! how i wish taeyeon were there too! XD

  9. oh taec was there! but he didnt participate in this?! T____T

    • I think, Taec wasn’t on that episode of StarKing?

  10. Awwwww! Jay! <3

    That was so cute though. This is why I love 2pm.

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