Posted by: beckery | June 21, 2009

Minwoo – ‘Minnovation’ MV filmsite

Credit: 6rystalis @ youtube

I didn’t get the chance to pimp the MV teaser for “Minnovation” so gonna plug it *Here* I really, really, really liked it btw. The song sounds awesome so far and I thought the MV was pretty darn creative y/y?. I couldn’t really figure out the links between the words (especially Motorcar, wth?), but pft, Minwoo looks hot and I was lol-ing so hard at the ending XDDDDDDDDDDDD

I had a look at the album tracklist and apparently Minwoo composed and penned the lyrics for this song. He mentions in the interview that he got the inspiration from seagull sounds…LOOOOL. WHAT? Oh and then we find out that he choreographed parts of the dance the night before the filming and decided to start the new “antenna” dance. And lastly, he designed all the outfits worn by him and the dancers. See, that’s why, even if you don’t like his songs, you gotta give the man respect for his mad talents. I can’t wait for his comeback!!! <3


  1. Gotta say, I wasn’t sure about this album when I saw the cover. I was afraid he would go down the whole colour mad chaos ala 2NE1 or 4Minutes or Big Bang. But after watching the teaser, I’m sold. I love Minwoo’s music. Dude’s got a whole bunch of talents.

    • Yea, that’s what I was worried about too. But Minwoo is hella talented <3

  2. Yay! You get to use the Shinhwa tab again!!! *does Hyesung’s crab dance*

    I can’t wait for his comeback too….although I still think that the word “Minnovation” is just ROFLOL.

    • I KNOW. I miss pimping Shinhwa ;_;

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