Posted by: lovediaries | June 22, 2009

DBSK – Stand By U MV

{credit: ikemenjae4 @ youtube}

Yoochun’s hair makes me cry.

The set they used to film the MV is very pretty. Nothing exciting happens lol but the camera and scene changes are pretty nifty 8D.


  1. This MV is pretty boring, the boys look fab, but it feels like all the camera is doing is going round in circles!
    Changmin looks sleepy.

    Maybe the boys are busy with concerts and all, so hence, a simple MV.

    • But the camera effects were pretty cool 8D. They should’ve put a plot though :/. (Cause the drama one had a weird plot XD)

  2. The filming location looked beautiful, and so did the boys. I was so concentrated on their faces that I didn’t even notice the simplistic mv, but it’s ok, six minutes worth of staring at pretty faces is a good waste of time

    • I know, I’d love to go there. The set was gorgeous :).

  3. The MV was pretty cute and the location was beautiful like you guys sad.

    I actually like the simplicity of the MV. However, the party where they started multiplying and there were 100s of Yoochuns, Jaejoongs, Xiahs, Yunhos, and Changmins I kind of freaked out. XD

    • LMAO ME TOO. When they first started multiplying, I was like “wtf, why are there 6…7…8 members O_O” then I realised xP.

  4. LMAO. Yoochun’s hair makes me cry as well….
    but then i shouldn’t say that cuz his hair reminds me of mine when i was in grade 8 >.>

    • But it’s okay if you’re a girl. You’re a girl, right? XD.

  5. SO MUCH PANNING. D: But I was impressed.. though it was a bit dramatic.

    THE AUDIO WAS OUT OF SYNC, THAT PISSED ME OFF SO MUCH. :( Not much, but it just looks like they’re really bad at lip syncing. .___.

    The song’s nice though~ (first time I listened to it)

    • :O only first time!? I’ve heard it quite a few times, loved it even from the preview ^^

      • Hahah, yep~ =/
        I’m not very into DBSK (except Wrong Number, and only THAT because of a parody D:) So I wasn’t expecting much, and I don’t really like ballads, but this was nice. (: Almost soothing? o_O

        • :OOOOOOOOOOO. Well just keep a look out of our DBSK posts. Everyone should be into them, they’re my #1 Kpop love lmao – even though we hardly post about them. We’re just not interested in their Jap activities rofl.

          • LOL. I’ve been sorta.. watching them. Coz I swear, they’re the Boyband Of Asia (with all capitals); successful in Korea, China (I’m assuming because of their Chinese album[s?]) and now Japan. =/

            But yes, I’ll keep a look out ^^;

            • Nope, no Chinese album :/. Just a few Chinese songs. You forgot to mention Taiwan and Thailand and Malaysia, probably. ROFL, Boyband of Asia indeed.

              • oh LOL. Okay, you can see how out of loop I am with DBSK. :/
                But yes, I’ll follow them~ I have this whole stack of their songs from a friend, and I have to kind of.. shift through them… soon.
                {And I’ll find that CF for chicken soon ^^;}

                • Look no further:

                  • Okay, yes, I REALLY want chicken now. xD Can you imagine SHINee doing that, what with how much their watch their weight/body? D:

                    But thanks for the link~
                    -CRAVING CHICKEN-

                    • HAHA no problem. It made me really hungry too XD

  6. The song is nice but OMG THE EDITING. HOW ON EARTH DID THEY DO THAT *A*

    • They should have tutorials rofl ;P

      • Not that we’ll ever have the fancy stuff they used to make it, though XD

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