Posted by: lovediaries | June 22, 2009

Preview SNSD – Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)

Thank you Ree for the heads up <3! I’ve added the HQ version of the full song :D

{credit: TeeKayDeeAlex @ youtube}

The verses are quite sophisticated-sounding lol and then the chorus reminds me of some song from the 60’s. Idk, like before when I had to do Fitness for sport, they used to play all these old songs we had to exercise to and it sounds just like it XD.

I can’t decide if I like it or not though, even though it’s already hit #1 on Music Charts. The English in it sorta annoys me ^^;;


  1. Hi first time commenter, but long time reader ^^

    the full song is out here

    • Thank you for that !

  2. i haven’t commented in a while haha i’ve been getting distracted by the fact that i have free time =)

    normally i don’t follow snsd, but i was stalking their soompi thread today because i thought that the digital release of their album was today, meaning that i could hear jessica and ONEWs (hahah) duet, but i jsut figured out that it was only the tell me your wish release. oh well.

    the song was definitely a surprise for me and a nice change for snsd =)

    but i’m still super excited for jessica and onews duet =)

    • Aw, I’ve missed your comments :(♥

      Yeah I read about the duet. Actually, bec told me when the teaser first came out. I’m…not as excited as everyone HAHA only cause I’m jealous xDDD.

  3. that was awsomeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. it sounds similar to suju’s ‘why i like you’ :O

  5. i was expecting to like it from the preview even if i don’t like snsd… i guess i’m disappointed?

    • It’s okay, but idk, still not really my type of music :/

  6. I actually enjoyed the verses more than the chorus xD It’s definitely not as catchy as Gee, but then, not a lot of things can be as catchy as Gee.

    • Yeah, Gee is wayy too catchy lmao TT

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