Posted by: beckery | June 24, 2009

090622 2PM – Wide Entertainment News

Credit: time2sub2 @ youtube

I HAVE FINALLY FINISHED ALL MY EXAMS PEOPLE!! And I’ve just gone and replied to a week’s worth of comments. So now I can spam Imop like mad XDDDDD

This was totally hilarious. But I think we’ve all figured out by now that 2PM = crack fest haha. The awesome part starts at the interview where they talk about MUSCLES. *_________* Wooyoung, the very weird boy ♥, is proud of his frontal muscles and shows this by doing a….. constipated face? hahahaha. Of course when you talk muscles, you gotta have Jay in there. He likes his triceps most and proves it by doing a series of fail poses. Best part is definitely Junho’s BUTT MUSCLES THOUGH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA XDDDDDDDDDDD


  1. OMG they never fail to make me laugh XD
    they’re actually one of the(only) idol groups that is not restricted with the prim n proper image..
    LOL @ junho’s butt muscles XDD

    • I know what you mean. That’s why I love them oh so much haha

  2. Wow you go Wooyoung, you flex your face muscles sexy…k not really sexy but it was funny and cute. Jae should totally join one of those charity calendars firefighters do when they pose semi-nude and flex all their goodness, he’s a natural, imagine him in the uniform pants with the overalls and no shirt, def but a copy! I’ll be honest Junho’s butt flex scared the crap out of me, I didn’t know he was going to do that, so one minute a huge badonkadonk is on the screen then BAM flex. And congrats on completing all your exams, now you can relax.


      Junho’s butt flex made me hack a lung hahhaha. It was soo….RANDOM hahaha

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