Posted by: beckery | June 24, 2009

Preview Big Bang – Emotion

Credit: VickyHQBB @ youtube

I think this is the second track of their new Japanese mini album, “My Heaven”. Apparently the song is produced by RedOne who also did Lady Gaga’s Poker Face. Yea.. I could sorta hear the resemblance. The beats are quite similar actually.

First listen was like “hmm…it’s ok”, but I had it on repeat whilst replying to comments and it’s grown on me. It’s actually quite catchy. The “oh oh oh” gets stuck in your head after awhile haha. I don’t see this as a major hit like “Lie”, but it is a good song with a good beat to chill too. :D


  1. I always did like the beat from Poker Face =/
    I like how catchy it is :)

    • It’s pretty catchy, I agree. Lady Gaga tends to have insanely catchy songs lol

  2. I keep expecting Lady Gaga’s voice to go “Po-po-po-po-poker face” -_-;

    WTF, GD. D: Don’t make me not like you.

    Hm. Not really as catchy as Poker Face but then again Poker Face took time to grow on me. Maybe it’s gonna be the same with this.


      The trick bb, is to turn a blind eye on him when he’s through one of his fashion phases XDD

  3. I just listened to about half a minute~a minute of this this morning, and it seemed okay, but I liked My Heaven better. :/ To me, this is sorta of a remix already, and if they did a remix of THIS, it’d be like… full of techno. xD -not a fan of techno-

    But I can see.. it’s okay. :D Maybe it’ll grow on me?

    • Oh I dont mind the occasion techno. I think the song is okay. It’s nothing fantastic but it does have the catchy factor :D

  4. after i listened to this i put out my old big bang song collection and reminisced the good old times. lol. it’s okay, seungri’s part is pretty good and taeyang is always the best. he sounds really clear here. maybe because he’s the only one that’s really good in japanese. top sounded like he was about to punch somebody in the face! it will take time, but i’m sure it will catch on. i watched mezameshi with big bang on it and i got hit how much i miss these boys. congrats to them for doing really well at the oricon charts. good thing there’s 2pm to fill in the gaps lol so many girl groups it’s hard to keep up! it would be exciting to see big bang being active in korea with 2pm and other SM-ers. that would be a dream boy band idol competition!

    • Yea, I was telling PAS how I actually like Big Bang’s old songs more. They had freakin fantastic songs!!! Awww is Big Bang your favourite kpop group?! And yeaaaa I dont know what’s happening but there seems to be an EXTRA amount of girl bands debuting this year. It’s crazy, I gave up after 2ne1 T____T

  5. The remixes in this single blown me away :O

    • Aw I’m glad u like it :D

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