Posted by: beckery | June 24, 2009

Preview of Super Junior KRY – 꿈꾸는 히어로 (Partner OST)

Credit: EternalAngelBoo @ youtube

OooOooooo I’m so out of the loop! I didn’t know KRY was going to sing the OST for Partner. I was actually gonna give the drama a try after it’s released, cuz I LOOOOVEEEE Kim Hyun-Joo!!! One of my favourite actresses <3

I love the song already and it’s only the preview lol. It’s such a nice, light, typical OST song. Not the ones for the sad dramas, but the cute light-hearted ones like “My Girl” or something. Sweet and light XDDD

Listen to full version (thanks for the heads up J XD)


  1. The full song is out already:

    • oops, i didn’t know wordpress auto-embeds the video link! O.O

      • the song is super nice. ♥♥

      • Lol its ok. Thanks for the heads up

  2. i just fell in love all over again with kyuhyun’s voice *siiigh~*
    this song is great ^o^

    • I KNOW RIGHT!! Kyu’s voice is so lovely!

  3. SNSD and Suju on MBC Music Travel:

    I’m pretty sure the videos are on youtube too but it was easier postin that link. =P

    Both groups sounded great! Highly recommended listening. Hahaha.

    • the youtube link:

      • Thanks to you too :D haha

    • Thanks :D

  4. You absolutely need to see that! XDD Had me in stitches.

    Also, Minho was in that episode for a bit when he introduced Eunhyuk. Said his good and bad points. MEANING HE ACTUALLY SAID MORE THAN TWO WORDS.

    • LOL. I just saw half the show subbed. That was what I was telling the others too!! “OMG I THINK THAT’S THE LONGEST TIME I’VE EVER HEARD MINHO TALK!?!?!”

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