Posted by: lovediaries | June 25, 2009

090624 SJ & SNSD @ Music Travel LaLaLa

The whole show is up on CodeMonmonSeason2’s channel. I’ve skipped the interviews though. The SNSD girls here are Seohyun, Sunny, Taeyeon, Tiffany and Jessica, and the SJ boys are Teuk, Kangin, Sungmin, Kyu, Hae, Yesung and Wook.

SNSD with Sungmin : Beautiful Girl/Honey – I really really hated this song from 200 pound beauty lmao it pissed me off like no tomorrow T_T. The voice really annoyed me and the girls hear sing exactly like the original xD. If only Sungmin sang more haha. He plays the guitar here though :).

SNSD : Sorry Sorry – The acoustic version is really interesting, but nothing beats the original for me. They sang really well here though. I loved how Taeyeon did Kyu’s hey, hey, heyyyy~.

Sungmin & Sunny : Falling Slowly – Sweet little duet with Sungmin on the guitar ♥.

Donghae, Kyuhyun, Jessica & Taeyeon : Way Back Into Love – I never watched the movie “Music & Lyrics” but I remember seeing this cut and thinking Drew Barrymore & Hugh Grant were so cute and hilarious xD. WHY DIDN’T KYUHYUN GET A SOLO!? HOMG I totally melted when he started to sing *O*. Taeyeon has really good english; it’s a lot better here than when she performed “Buttons” with other Girl Group leaders about half a year ago ^^;;. I…can’t really make out what Donghae is singing haha but his voice is still sweet. Taeyeon and Kyuhyun sound really good together homg *dies*.

K.R.Y : She – I don’t really know what they’re singing lmao except for maybe Kyu’s parts but it’s K.R.Y *flails nonetheless* ♥♥♥♥♥ :DD. Was this filmed a while ago? Cause Yesung has his carrot head here :/. And this is random, but I’ve always liked the way Kyu holds his mic haha. Another little kink of mine ROFL.

SuJu : A Falling Star – It’s all the boys minus Kyu & Hae. Ryeowook’s voice is so angelic ;~;. Another really nice song.

SuJu : Gee – HAHAHA Kyu did the intro and lmao that was kinda awkward. They all look so serious singing this lmao, the acoustic version adds a nice touch to the song but I think I prefer SHINee’s version HAHA. Nothing can beat Onew’s ‘doogumdoogumdoogum‘ or whatever the hell he’s singing rofl. You know, if Hyuk had been here, it would’ve been like an SJ couple performance haha. Daww ._. Kangteuk keep singing to each other, it’s so cute haha.


  1. I loved every moment of it. Especially the ‘Way Back Into Love’ with Taeyeon, Jessica, Kyuhyun and Donghae. Lovely, lovely, lovely! I wish there were more shows like this. It shows off the full potential of the artists’ abilities to sing.

    • That was definitely my fav performance too <3

  2. bliss. this is good!! >o<
    SJ & SNSD sing english songs, they sounds great :D
    you gotta love the Gee by Super Junior!

    • I loved Way Back into Love the most ^^

      • hehe, i knw. that’s nice too >o<

  3. I REALLY REALLY LOVE SHE AND NOTTING HILL, even if I don’t understand half of what they’re saying.

    When it was announced they were going to sing a song from 200 pound beauty I hoped that it was going to be the ballad that she sings at the end because this song annoys the hell out of me too.

    • You know, I’ve never seen Notting Hill haa. The soundtrack for 200pound beauty isnt bad, its just this song and Miss You Much which I can’t stand.

      • omg I love Notting Hill, as far as rom-coms go it’s farrrr far better than a majority of them.

        I think it’s Byul, the song at the end, I love that song.

        • Yah, tis Byul. I love that song too, but the one Kim Jung Ah sings at the end is Ave Maria, no?

          • oh yeh, she does, god I haven’t seen 200 pound beauty in the longest time.

          • Oh, yeh, it is Ave Maria (I don’t like that song lol), I haven’t seen that movie in ages.

            • Rly? :( The first time she sung that song in the movie, I was moved to tears xDD.

  4. I don’t really feel the acoustic Sorry Sorry. :\

    Their version of Gee is so… weird. Except yay KT. I find it kind of disturbing how they’re all so serious about it.

    • Haha yeah it was like the song was some sad love song or something XD.

  5. i think they did a great job on singing the different version. haha. blehz. but it’d kinda weird to hear the boys singing Gee cause…normally they did it in a funny way so it’s kinda odd seeing them singing the song SERIOUSLY.

    but yeah for way back into love! so good. gosh..kyuhyun!!!

    • HAHA I know. Strange interpretation of Gee xDDD.

      Yes, Way Back into Love was so beautiful omg :3.

  6. beautiful girl was my wake up tone. i pick it because there’s alex’s sweeeeet intro, then followed by annoying high pitched voice. trust me, this makes you want to wake up so badly, lol

    • ROFLMAO! Yeah I know what you mean. I used to have really loud ringtones so that I’d wake up to turn it off xP.

  7. what was i doing emoing ystrday and not watching these? D:
    anyway, gee became less annoying to listen to. but i must admit, it’s one the most addicting song everrr to me and i’ve listened to it for only God knows how much. LOL.

    way back into love was super nice! :)

    • I can’t stop listening to their way back into love <333

  8. Hey you’re not alone cos i’ve always noticed how kyu holds his mic and yes i like it even though its just mic holding but i think it’s unique!

    • Oh goodie~ I have a fascination with his hands & fingers rofl and so him holding his mic differently stands out even more ^^

      • LOLs…hahas…i like how his little finger is usually sticking out!

        • Yes, that’s the cutest :3

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