Posted by: lovediaries | June 25, 2009

Super Junior Kyochon Chicken CF

{credit: HyukGem @ youtube}

Chicken is the last thing I would’ve said if someone asked me what the hell they were advertising here xD.


  1. LOL, even after understanding it’s supposed to be for chicken, I’d say TV. T___T; I’d want the TV more than the magazine chicken.

    • Lmao or Siwon’s phone. Either way, anything but chicken XD.

      • How does suits = chicken anyway? D: I’d get the suit too. (:
        {SERIOUSLY NOT THE CHICKEN. Maybe they should be sitting in Macca’s or something xD}

        • IHNI. You should watch DBSK’s BBQ Chicken CF. That really made you hungry for chicken lol.

  2. Well… Chicken isn’t exactly what you would relate to black suits. o___o

    But I’m not complaining. They all look gorgeous in it. If you ignore Siwon’s hair anyway. XD

    • Haha yeah I can never get enough of suits, but srsly, CHICKEN!? O.o

      • After I’m done with my homework for Advertisement class, I’m going to analyze this CF and find out the underlying meaning of that concept. XD

        • kandie did a pretty good analysis of it somewhere down below :)

  3. It does seem more like a cell phone advert.
    It would have been better to film Shindong and Sungmin eating fried chicken- the pure bliss on their faces would convince me it was the best chicken in the world…

    • Lol basically, they showed the chicken the least out of everything else =.=


    • In the magazine? XD

  5. LMFAO! There is so little about this CF that says, “Chicken.” Oh advertisement industry, you create so much funny for me.

    • Lol cause it’s SJ, they thought they could do whatever and just put the chicken in for a millisecond and viewers would get the point XD.

  6. ROFl that was like so random, id never think it was 4 chicken if it werent 4 the title ㅋㅋㅋ

    they should of just had chicken and suju like eating it, that would make ppl go buy it (&& it’ll cost less 4 the company)

    • HAHA I know eh. Just be more direct with your advertising, Korea xD

  7. I got what this cf means. First, the TV shows kpop perf meaning ‘song hallyu wave’, second the phone means ‘phone hallyu wave’ like now there are lot of phone cfs, then third, they’re trying to say that kyochon chicken is the next hallyu wave, showing it spreading all over the world in the magz ads..
    And of course sj boys is the representation of idols, wearing suits :D

    • Haha ohhh yeah it makes sense that way~

  8. The second version makes a better chicken ad than the first. XD

    • I saw that! But I still prefer DBSK’s chicken CFs :P

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