Posted by: lovediaries | June 26, 2009

090620 DBSK @ Music Fair

{credit: Chrisz0718 @ youtube}

They perform “Stand By U” and “My Destiny”. I love “Stand By U” and it’s been ageeeeeees omg since I listened to “My Destiny”. That used to be one of my favourite Jap songs *O*.

It was a really good performance of both songs, but I swear the boys only ever wear the same clothes in Japan =.=”. Same colours, too. So I like Changmin’s outfit the best :D. Also, I could listen to Junsu sing live forever. He is never off. Everrrrr. ♥♥.


  1. Junsu’s voice is awesome.

    what song was that? yunho shouldn’t cut him off

    • Is this in the interview parts? Cause I skipped those since I couldn’t understand ^^;;

  2. junsu’s looking good~
    waah…it has been a long time since i listened to my destiny, maybe i shld listen to it later :)

    i watched the mv of stand by U, it was long =__= haha but i gotta admit it’s a nice song.

    • Haha yeah, I might go and rewatch some of their old MVs or something. I miss them.

  3. I could listen to Junsu sing live forever.
    SAME! his voice is just GAHH AMAZING; i am so in love. *____*

    and watching this reminded me of why i love japanese stages more than korean ones – they’re not live broadcasts so there are no retarded camerapeople to do as they like. all the korean music shows make me wanna cry. D:

    • Yeah their cameramen are usually better than in Korean stages but I find Korean stages in general to be less boring xD.

  4. They sounded so awesome! And I love listening to My Destiny. I’m glad the Japanese are going back and listening to some good old THSK songs. But to their coordi’s, please let them wear some color. What’s with all the monochromatic-ness? COLOR!!!!!

    • I found the subbed video of the interview. The rest of the show is on their channel. Super cute ^-^ And that girl from girls next door is really cute too!

    • I know haha though it’s hard to picture them in SHINee clothes xD

  5. I only watched the Sky perf, then went to watch the FITB concert which I think is their best concert yet!
    T concert is full of weird outfits and Yunho’s hair *cringe*

    • Yepp, I’ve rewatched FITB concert the most. I’ve had T Concert for over half a yr and still haven’t finished it because of the hair & outfits T__T

  6. Actuuuallly… I remember there was this one time Junsu was off at the start of one of the Tonight perfs xD
    Then otherwise, yes, he has never been off ♥
    Excuse my rather random comment.. but I just happened to stop by and was reminded of it.
    If you haven’t seen it.. you have to watch it! It’s like Onew with his soothing voice. but then it cracks. XD

    • AHA OMG I RMBR THAT. It was for some modelling contest or beauty pageant? Omg, that was so hilarious XDD.

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