Posted by: lovediaries | June 26, 2009

090626 Music Bank

SNSD won tonight, I think? I think it was an award for most wins in the first half of the year? Because they won it for “Gee”. Lol on their Comeback. Now SHINee winning on their Comeback doesn’t feel as special .___.

Anyway, Onew stacked it during their “Juliette” performance :(. My heart totally broke. Will watch the other performances when I have the time!

2AM : A Friend’s ConfessionBec: LOOOL JO KWON YOU ARE SO FKN AWESOME, I WILL MAKE YOU MY IDOL!! Seriously, how does he do it!!?! The difference between Jo Kwon in Boys Generation and Jo Kwon in 2AM makes me think he has a ghei twin XDD I prefer their black leather jackets, it’s so much more fierce! And Jinwoon bb, you need a haircut :D

2NE1 : Umbrella – DD; Well, the girls have got the right attitude going, but something about their performance isn’t quite right. Bom was sorta shaky at the start and they all seemed to make such big movements that they were a tad off at times. Idk. I was kinda disappointed. And the water probably wasn’t a good idea/really necessary since it caused so many accidents :(.

2NE1 : Fire

2PM: Again & Again/I Hate YouBec: Everyone looks oh-so-fierce here and I’m loving it *___* Everytime I watch their new performances, they always seem to be improving and it makes me so proud *glomps them all* I can’t stop lol-ing at Taec’s stare during his rap though. I DONT KNOW OK! It’s just so funny hahahahahahaha XDD

Girls & Boys Generation – The guys here are Key, Khun, Shindong, Jay, Hyuk, Taec, Sungmin, Yesung and Jo Kwon! Shindong’s hair? WTF? LOL AHAHAHHAAHA JOKWON IS SO FREAKING FAB OMG XDDD. Jay is so awkward AHAHHAA and Key is working his hips in the back ;). It’s strange seeing Taec sing lol but he did a pretty good job. Yesung is just like his normal self lmao T_T. Khun is so cute but looks like he doesn’t want to be there. Hyuk’s rap was awesome *O*. I was really worried Key wouldn’t get a line lol but patience pays! As bec said, and I quote “it’s not like his outrageous like jo kwon just something about key is fkn feminine” ROFLMAO. So even though Key isn’t super gheiii here, he’s still awesome. I was saying how it’s cause when put with a bunch of guys, Key is all woman, but when among a group of wannabe-women, then he’s just there, fitting in :). And Sungmin is just so natural at singing girl’s songs XD.

Then the girls come out. Aw, I would’ve preferred Boys Generation to perform the whole song .__.

KARA : Pretty Girl/Honey

Kpop Idol Parade ft KARA, SNSD, SHINee & 2PM – Kara perform FIN.K.L’s “To My Boyfriend”. Homg almost didn’t recognise Jiyoung and thought WHO IS SHE? XD. The song was wayyyy too cute. Did not like T__T.

SHINee perform H.O.T’s “We are the future”. UNIFORMS AND TIES OMG FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. AND UNBUTTONED SHIRTS OMFG. This should be illegal. ILLEGALLLLLLLLL. Omg, I can’t do this.

Bec: Candychu is currently in shock and is frozen on her chair, just staring at a paused clip of this. LOOOOL XDD. So I suggest those fangirls who have a weak heart avoid this cuz um IT GAVE ME QUITE A SHOCK TOO!!! I normally try not to pedo SHINee but dude, how can you NOT when they’re all wearing uniforms (with the whole bad ass attitude aka top buttons undone) and messy ties!!! Fine I’ll admit it, they were fkn hot especially Taemin’s shirt rip and yes I am going to go to jail now. THANKS BOYS <33 Btw 2PM were so adorable in their suspenders XDDD

Rookie Dance Battle ft. Chungrim vs. AJ vs. Taegoon

SHINee : Juliette – Apparently Onew’s in hospital now (fans said a prop fell in front of Onew after the performance, giving him a shock?) :(. I hope the fall wasn’t anything major. He might’ve hurt his wrist? But he still continued performing as if everything was okay. I loved how Jonghyun & Key both turned towards him ;___;. So sweet~ And Key says “My genie” at 2.17 lol. So if you hear it, no you can’t going crazy XD.

SNSD : Tell Me Your Wish

Super Junior : It’s You/Sorry Sorry Bec: Sungmin bb (who looks HEAPS SEXY!) is MIA for the dance cuz he injured his leg. You guys have all heard about it yes yes?!? It breaks my heart, but he is such a freakin’ good sports for still doing the Boys Generation performance (♥ x infinity). Dont worry though, he’s still there singing on the side platform for Sorry Sorry :D

Few things to look out for: 1. Teuk’s “HAA” at 0.47 ROFLMAO RANDOM MUCH?! 2. Siwon’s voice cracking at 2.00 HAHA ILU Horsey!! 3. Hyuk’s nifty bow at his dance solo and 4. Heechul’s hair haha, him sticking out his tongue at 4.43 and his “Genie for your ELF” ROFLMAO. Overall, it’s a bittersweet goodbye stage. They looked dazzling and smexy and hot in their black suits and everyone looked pretty pumped. I SHALL MISS THESE PERFORMANCES ;_____________:


  1. mad props to my baby sungmin.
    despite the injury, he still performed.
    my heart crushed when he walked towards the side after his part. :(

    but he was totally adorable in sorry sorry.
    the way he moved to the “dan dan dan dan” part alone at the side. the fans were just staring at him.
    much love to this kid.

    AND OH,
    JO KWON in yellow pants!
    i think i cried from laughing too hard.
    the move he did in the end was soo epic.
    look at that boy shake his legs!

    • Damn the way Sungmin limped really was heartbreaking ;~;

  2. Key finally gets to perform as a wonder boy haha. LOL TAEC OMG LOL. And Jokwon♥ God, I love that guy XDDD♥

    The boys keep getting injured ):

    • I KNOW. I bet he had loads to write in his journal XD

      • Aside from “OMG JINKI-HYUNG IS IN THE HOSPITAL T________T”? He would have been perfectly happy just to dance and not get any line but it’s good that he got to sing even a bit. XD

        • Lol but that wouldn’t have been enough for me !

  3. D: poor sungmin but u’re still cool sungmin. hwaitiing!! hope he recovers really soon n get to perform well in their super show II ^o^

    they look super super good in black *and bowties*! XDDD
    ahh, snsd’s tell me ur wish is getting stuck in my head *sigh*

    • He’s such a good sport for participating in both performances despite getting stitches omg!

      • isn’t he? i think so too :D
        he’s committed i must say n dat makes him such a great person.
        gosh, i gotta update myself on sungmin’s accident! >.<"

  4. I still don’t hear My Genie LOL DDDD:
    And dw bb, SHINee’s comeback IS really special. Just in another level and category D: They just came out of the newcomer year XD♥
    2PM in Boys Generation alternates between cute and awkward LOL

    • Lmao oh you T________T.

      And yes, that is true. And there’s less of SHINee than in SNSD xDDD.

  5. it’s out! the full version :D/

  6. lmao oh my goodness Taec and Jo Kwon, I always knew Taec liked to act cute but he did it so nicely in “Gee” and Jo Kwon was doing his own dance move, just like a true diva…divo…Wholey fanboys, cheer your hearts out, but thank god they clamed down a bit afterwards cause it would’ve been annoying if they cheered the whole song like the beginning.

    • Taec was adorbs in that performance lmao.

      • Taec def was adorable, but I just reread my comment and realized I left out the part where the fanboying was in snsd performance, just incase people thought I meant Boy’s Generations cheering was annoying.

  7. Omg Onew. I hope he gets better… ): Slipping in Juliette… the lights almost crashing towards him. Thankfully Kyu and Siwon caught it. Music Bank is so dangerous.
    I thought it was the best show today despite all the injuries ): I loved all the performances. Love how Taemin ripped his shirt in memory for MJ.
    Boys’ Generation is totally love. Jo Kwon is amazing! I wish there was a REAL Boys’ Generation. I wanna pack all of them in my suitcase and take them home :D

    • I..still have to watch the performances haha but they all did really well from what I’ve watched <33

  8. Yay it’s actually my first time commenting here… although I’ve been reading your posts for quite a while… :D

    Anyways! I’ve never seen the “serious side” of Jokwon before, I knew he could sing but…his voice is really awesome <3 I loved him in the Boys' Generation perf, he's hilarious! :DDD
    SHINee's "We Are The Future" perf was so cool, I loved the outfits! <3 "Juliette" was good also, but I felt so bad for Onew :(( and the lights dropping, too :( OH and Jonghyun's voice never fails to amaze me <3
    2PM's G.O.D cover was awesome!! Taec's parts almost killed me, hahah <3
    I'm soo going to miss Super Junior… ;___; Sungmin was so cute dancing to the "dan dan dan" part, awww! Get well soon, Sungmin!<3 AND Hyuk is my idol!!! He's always so goofy and everything, but on stage he's like THE COOLEST PERSON EVER!
    + everyone's promoting SNSD's new song, hahah :DD

    • Yay! First time commentor :)

      Boys Gen. were awesome and I looooooved We are the Future :Q____.

      Yeah Sungmin was adorable and the way the fans in front of him were all just staring at him – SO CUTE!

  9. AHHHHH….!!
    OMG!! KEY looks adorable (as always, but extra this time) in the girls & boys generation performance~~ ><

    • I know, he fits right in ^^

  10. Man, a whole lot of stuff has been happening to Onew this week:
    ~ SHINee had a High Five Event Day as where they were high fiving fans that day. And when SHINee was walking towards the fans, Onew walked into a clothesline(nobody attacked him, it was an ACTUAL clothesline)and it hit his throat.
    ~ Then while they were performing Juliet today, he slipped and fell. It was probably because when 2NE1 was performing “Umbrella”, the stage was raining for their performance and SHINee had to perform after them.

    ~Then after MusicBank was over, one of the stage lights fell around the area where all the artists were walking at, and it fell right where Onew was at. Fortunately, Siwon and Kyuhyun caught the light ^^.
    Onew was so shock and surprised, that he fainted and SHINee’s manager carried Onew on his back to the waiting for a little bit to see if he would wake up. But since Onew didn’t wake up, they took him to the hospital. SM said that he’s fine now, but I’m still a bit worried for him. I hope our Onew is better. Onew FIGHTING!! SHINee FIGHTING!!!! SMTOWN FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The links of the three accidents (in order):

      High Five Event- (it happens at 1:23)

      Juliet- (it happens at 0:28)

      The BIG MusicBank incident-

      • Lol it’s okay, I stayed up late/woke up early especially to see what was happening with Onew. I heard he’s been discharged from hospital and is still expected to perform tonight!

        And actually from the dozens of fancams I watched and the pictures I saw, Onew (who was standing beside Minho) was nowhere near the lighting fixture, but probably the shock of it and just everything that happened was too much for him and so he fainted. Yesung was actually the closest, from what I could see. Siwon and Kyuhyun were nowhere near Onew, which is strange, so maybe there was a misunderstanding/misinterpretation and the two actually just helped support the light fixture. But then, most of the staff were shoo-ing the idols away from it and ushering them onto stage.

        Too many different sides to the story. As long as everyone is safe and Onew is better. That’s all that matters :).

  11. hi there! i <3 <3 <3 reading your blog! i always check it everyday and im gaga over shinee! :) It was sad though what hapened to Onew. I hope he recovers soon. Let's all pray for him :(

    AND isn't Taemin just. sooooo. hot? DAMNBOY!

    • Onew’s looked great in the MuCore & Inki performances so I’m sure he’s 100% fine now :).

      Thanks for commenting <3!

  12. I really, REALLY like how CL dedicated that Fire performance to Michael Jackson. Bom looked…extremely tired. Poor girl.

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL BOY’S GENERATION. Oh my god, the 2pm boys looks slightly out of place (Taec especially–it’s that height man). XDD I won’t say anything about Jo Kwon, because he’s just too cool for words. Key just fits right in so I can’t really make fun of him either. Rawr.

    But Sungmin…my heart goes out to him and Onew too. I normally laugh at Onew for being so prone to mistakes, but lately, he’s been encountering a LOT of problems. Get better, you two!

    • Yes! I thought that was really sweet of her.

      Sungmin limping totally broke my heart omg :(. He’s such a professional!

  13. :(

    Sungmin looked so pitiable just standing there on his lonesome, and that bit between Ryeowook and him when he’s usually hanging off Ryeowook’s arm.. :( THEY LOOKED SO LONELY WITHOUT EACH OTHER. Then at the end, I thought all of SJ would go comfort him but nooo, they just spread out. :(

    (But I can’t stop lolling at Heechul’s hair xD)

    Then OMG, Onew’s stacking it. :( I feel so sorry for the poor guy, with the light incident after. =/ And he just stands up and keeps performing… D;
    But they looked good in the suits while performing We Are The Future. :D They’ve done it before on the um, star dance battle between them and 2PM or something (very hazy memory) and it looks so much better with Juliette hair. D;

    BUT ONEW. SUNGMIN! -hugs-

    • The fans standing in front of Sungmin and just staring were really funny hahaha.

      Yeah I have the HQ vid of their perf in the dance battle. I was so bitter they lost lmao but yeah, 2pm’s choreo was more dance battle-y :/.

      • THEY LOST? T___T I never got around to watching to see who won, but I suspected 2PM coz yeah, their choreo was more dance battle-y. D:

        But to me, it was more like SHINee was more classic (dancing to an old song with the original choreo) while 2PM was more of a show battle, idk. :/ I didn’t have a good opinion of 2PM when I watched it because I thought they were just there to show off their.. um, let’s not say bodies, but skills. :/ And they danced to Low, which I HATEEE.

        • Yeah, I sulked like a baby lmao. Like srsly, I am sooo biased towards SHINee, it is ridiculous. I knew they lost before watching their perf and throughout watching 2PM’s, I was like -_____________- hmph* haha xD.

          But yeah, I was sorta thinking that 2PM were just stripping and the judges were perverted :PPP

  14. woah woah woah…are there vids of this or was this on tv…im in australia, so the only korean stuff i can watch is on the net

    wat happened 2 sunminnie…totally love him & im learning korean at uni 4 him (major LOLZ)

    ayway i hope he gets better, he’s so cute wen he’s performing
    suju hwaiting!!!

    && …’watever he does is the Onew condition’ =p
    poor Jinkiii…

    we u say shock, do u mean like electric shocked (OMG!!) or like mentally shocked???

    • Yeah, I just watch all these shows online too. I don’t think there’s anything in Australia for us to get their channels or whatever.

      Sungmin fell on a stage prop after slipping from the water from 2NE1’s performance – he had to get stitches on his knees :/.

      No, mentally shocked.

  15. lols i mean sungminnie…

  16. sry im capped now so i didnt see the vids

    • Lol thats okay ^^

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