Posted by: lovediaries | June 26, 2009

All About DBSK 3 – Please Be Mine

Boys *O*, you don’t even have to ask.

This is the cover for their storybook? Actually, I’m really lost LOL. I think a photobook with words (=storybook?) will come with the set of DVDs, just like how in AADBSK there was a photobook with a whole lot of words in it. Apparently it will be 300 pages of photos and interviews. But yes, they especially went to Saipan to film footage for AADBSK3.

The cover is really pretty, no? It’s sorta depressing and gloomy but then it’s bright at the same time. Definitely very pretty :).

Homg, exactly how pricey will this be!?


  1. this cover is already enough to make me dig under my bed for a hidden stash (money, of course) but i dont think it’ll be enough considering that AADBSK3 itself is already $150-ish >.<

    • I *hope* this is included with the DVDs and not a separate thing because omg MONEY DOES NOT GROW ON TREES. And the $150 is for the Jap version which is usually more than double the cheapest version, so :S :S :S. Please make it affordable ;___;

      • WOAH…u replied rly fast O.o
        yes yes yes, *nods*, im srsly hoping that its included and for the other (cheaper) versions to come out already!! SM nvr fails to rob my money legally ;-;

        • Holidays. LMAO I hope that explains it XD.

          • Oh YEAH. same here. does that mean more posts and spazzing? cuz its been a while since i didnt see the word “exam” in here >.<

            • ROFLMAO yeah we’re all done with exams but lmao we all seem to just spend our days watching dramas or reading or going out. Srsly, we post the most when we’re stressed as hell T_T.

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