Posted by: lovediaries | June 26, 2009

Preview Wonder Girls – Nobody Full Eng Version

{credit: jensenvu @ youtube}

I can make out 90% of the lyrics which is good, but the song just doesn’t feel the same lol. All the syllables are broken up so it shouldn’t be too much to expect them to have good English. And finally we have solved the mystery! It’s not “you” or “chu”, it’s “joo” XD. (Where is Joo anyway? I miss her D;)

Unfortunately, Sohee still can’t…sing xD.


  1. youtub lags :/
    Joo?! Lol. I want to see the mv soon!

    • They have like this teaser up on their official website. I reckon it’s gonna be pretty much the same as the other one but with some footage from the US :S

  2. ahh, fandoms make me lose patience XD
    have u see today’s mubank lineup? BOYS’ GENERATION.

    • Haha yes! I’m so excited for that but I have to go out soon so I won’t see it til later tonight ;___;

  3. ROFL. it doesn’t beat the original. it seems like the songs been butchered. idk. XD

    • Lol yeah, kinda.

  4. me too ._.
    I’m still curious as who shinee members will perform though ;)

    btw, do you know where the HQ full show could be dl-ed?

    • I’m waiting for the vids to be up on yt cause the vids on bestiz never work for me :(

      And sorry, ihni :/.

  5. freaking weird,

    wg will flop surely

    • I really don’t think they were ready T__T.

  6. i agree w/ the above comment. don’t think jyp trained wg well enough to debut in the u.s. D: they need to be WHOAmazing if they want to succeed, seeing as girlbands in general are generally FAIL in north america.

    but ROFL @ “joo”. XDD

    • Yeah I mean, BoA has been around FOREVER and she trained for so long for her American debut. How is she going anyway?

      • SO TRUE. i started watching one of BoA’s recent US radio show appearances, and i only got past the first 30s. i might be too harsh on her, but i find her bad english really embarrassing. ;____; but on the bright side, out of all the asian artists doing the US-crossover, (i think) she has the greatest chance of success? :D

        • Yeah because BoA has had so many years of experience and she’s so talented in both dancing AND singing :)

  7. not good not good i prefer the korean version
    them english not good at all i haven’t understand the song lol

    • Lol their English isn’t that bad….

  8. This just doesn’t work in English at all. ):

    • The original is usually always the best xP

  9. I was waiting for this for like quite a while ^^ I don’t get why some ppl say Sohee can’t sing, okay nvm I do get it lol. Sunmi sounds so amazing in here :) i like her mellow voice :)

    • HAHA LMAO I’m guessing you were commenting as you were listening? xD

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